Implementing Real-Time Equipment Location Tracking in Your Dealership: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Owning or managing a car dealership comes with plenty of challenges. Keeping up with the latest technological trends, partnering with lenders, and choosing effective marketing strategies that motivate your target audience all require additional resources. Unfortunately, security has become a major concern for dealerships around North America and the world.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, car thefts in the US increased 7% from 2021 to 2022. Thieves aren’t just targeting vehicles parked in driveways. They’re forming criminal enterprises that focus on robbing dealerships. From a thief’s perspective, your dealership is a tempting source of cash.

Adding real-time equipment location tracking to your dealership’s security strategy can help protect all vehicles on your lot. As the automotive industry struggles to meet consumer demand, taking advantage of GPS technology is more important than ever.

Dealerships Need More Than Security Systems Can Offer

Your dealership already has some physical security features designed to help prevent theft. You might have a gate or concrete wall surrounding your lot and a high-tech system that monitors the property.

Regardless of your investment in a security system, thieves will find a way to evade its features. Sometimes, they’ll disable the security system by cutting the power. They may take an audacious approach other times, like targeting the same dealership twice on the same day.

No matter what measures you take, criminals will come for your high-valued vehicles regardless. Equipment location tracking devices help ensure you can retrieve stolen property after they leave the lot.

Tracking Vehicle Locations In Real Time

Innovative GPS tracking devices can provide you with location updates in real time. While you need reliable hardware to communicate its location, you must also choose software with robust security features.

LandAirSea (LAS) developed the Silvercloud app to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Silvercloud is an online application you can access through an internet browser and an app installed on any mobile device.

Some of Silvercloud’s most helpful equipment location tracking features include:

  • Sharespot: Lets you share locations with law enforcement and anyone else you trust.
  • Geofencing: Creates a temporary “fence” on a map and alerts you when a device crosses the boundary.
  • InstaFence: Immediately alerts you when a tagged item moves locations.
  • Historical Playback: Shows you the thief’s route after leaving your lot.

With these features, you improve the chances of recovering stolen vehicles. You also contribute to law enforcement’s efforts to prevent theft in your area. With enough information, authorities might find better ways to stop criminal enterprises from operating in your community.

Once you get your GPS trackers:

  1. Install them in your vehicles.
  2. Create boundaries around your lot.
  3. Set the trackers to give you real-time location updates.

LAS’s Silvercloud app makes every step easy.

Get The Right Equipment Location Tracking Device From LAS

LandAirSea makes three equipment location tracking devices suitable for car dealerships. All of these models connect to Silvercloud to give you complete control over their features. You can adjust how often they communicate their locations, turn their lights on and off, and get real-time updates to minimize losses.

LAS 54

The LAS 54 is LandAirSea’s most compact GPS tracker. It’s a good choice for when you want to hide a tracking unit in your dealership vehicles. You can place it under a seat, between cushions, or anywhere else inconspicuous.

Despite its small size, the LAS 54 has a long battery life. In motion-tracking mode, you can expect the battery to last 24 to 40 hours, depending on how often you want the device to update its location. In energy-saving mode, the battery can last up to a year.

Visit the LAS 54 page to learn more details about this compact, flexible GPS tracker.

LAS Overdrive

The LAS Overdrive has a slightly larger design than the LAS 54. The bigger size gives you more than double the battery life compared to the LAS 54. Even when set to communicate its location every three seconds, the battery can retain its charge for 60 hours.

Visit the LAS Overdrive page to learn more about how this GPS tracker can benefit your dealership.


The LAS SYNC connects directly to vehicles via their OBD-II ports. This design gives you continuous location tracking without recharging batteries. As long as your vehicles have charged batteries, the SYNC can track their locations.

The SYNC works well at busy dealerships where employees don’t have time to recharge batteries. By choosing this option, you give them more time to help customers and perform other essential tasks.

The downside is that experienced car thieves might know to check the OBD-II port before they steal a vehicle. If they find an equipment location tracking device, they can either disconnect it or move to other vehicles that don’t have as much protection. The most cautious thieves, however, will wonder whether you’ve added other devices to track your vehicles. The SYNC might not stop some thieves, but it will make your dealership a less desirable target.

Visit the LAS SYNC page to learn more about how this innovative tracker can improve your dealerships’ security.

Talk To LAS To Choose A GPS Tracker For Your Dealership

Not sure which LAS equipment location tracking device fits your dealership’s needs best? We’re here to help everyone in the automotive industry choose the right product for their unique needs!

Contact [email protected] to learn more about our GPS trackers, software, and data plans. With the right model, you can improve your dealership’s security and long-term success.