Maximizing Efficiency in Vehicle Dealerships With GPS Location Tracking

Improving efficiency in your dealership might sound like a monumental task. However, GPS location tracking can make this process easier. GPS trackers, like those manufactured by LandAirSea (LAS), let you monitor your assets in real time, optimize inventory management, track employees, and even prevent theft. Here are some benefits of attaching these devices to automobiles, trailers, tractors, powersports vehicles, and other items in your showroom.

Theft Prevention

GPS trackers are compact and discreet devices that attach to various areas of a vehicle, such as a car, tractor, or boat. For instance, simply connect a GPS for powersports device on the car’s rear bumper, engine bay, or center console with the provided cables or magnets. You can then receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet if someone steals that vehicle, maximizing efficiency in your dealership.

The best GPS products let you create a geofence, or virtual parameter, around a real-world location such as your showroom. If a vehicle with a tracker attached to it leaves that area, you’ll be the first to know about it. By tracking the vehicle on a real-time map, you can find its new location and share this information with law enforcement, who might be able to recover the stolen asset.

Inventory Management

GPS devices receive signals from satellites that make up the Global Positioning System. That lets you pinpoint the exact location of any item attached to a tracker with a great deal of accuracy. As a result, you can improve inventory management and quickly find assets like a particular vehicle model if a customer requests a test drive.

LAS devices prove even more valuable for inventory management. They use a technology called ShareSpot, which allows you to send the location of an item in your showroom to anyone you like. For example, you can share the whereabouts of a car in your dealership parking lot with a sales rep who might be helping a customer find the right vehicle.

Track Employees And Customers

Attaching a GPS location tracker to items in your showroom lets you monitor employees who deliver those assets to customers’ homes. You can find out where a team member travels in a vehicle, the route they take, and whether they stop along the way. If an employee takes too much time to deliver an asset, reducing resources in your showroom, you can use location information generated by a tracker for future performance reviews.

You can also use GPS devices to monitor customers who take a vehicle for a test drive. LAS products generate real-time location data, allowing you to see an asset’s whereabouts on a map. If customers spend too long on the road, you can provide the sales reps who accompany them with additional training.

Improve Navigation

Say you want to move a vehicle to another showroom or deliver it to a customer’s home. GPS location trackers provide the best route to a destination, helping you avoid traffic and high-crime areas. You can view the quickest and safest way to arrive at a particular place on your smartphone, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi or a cellular signal. That means you get 100% coverage even if traveling through rural areas.

With LAS devices, you can mark your favorite locations on a map and find them quickly again in the future. For example, you can save the location of another showroom or a plant that manufactures vehicles.

Enhance Safety

Some GPS location trackers offer speed alerts, allowing sales reps to monitor their driving behavior in one of your vehicles. The best GPS devices from LAS, for example, calculate how fast your team members travel to a location, such as a customer’s address, and send notifications to their smartphones when they exceed speed limits. That can improve their safety and prevent an accident from happening.

Improve The Customer Experience

If you sell specialist vehicles, such as farm tractors or classic cars, you might have customers in other cities, states, or even countries wanting you to deliver these items to their homes or businesses. GPS trackers can help you monitor these assets at every stage of the shipping process and ensure they reach their final destination. You can also share this information with customers so they know how long to wait for their items.

Thanks to ShareSpot, you can send customers real-time information about their shipment, including a vehicle’s current location. That can improve their experience and manage their expectations. If someone knows how long it will take to receive, say, a new car, they will be less likely to contact your dealership about delivery times.

How LAS Enhances Efficiency In Your Dealership

LAS has specialized in GPS tracking technology since the early 1990s and worked with industries such as local government, law enforcement, and the military. The company’s range of GPS trackers includes the LandAirSea SYNC GPS tracker, LandAirSea 54, and LandAirSea Overdrive. Investing in one of these technologies is great for maximizing efficiency in your dealership whether you sell or lease automobiles, trailers, tractors, boats, or other vehicles.

Setting up and activating an LAS device is simple, and the company has various online tutorials to help you with these processes. Other benefits of investing in LAS include excellent customer service and a simple cancellation policy. The company’s products are also up to 80% cheaper than similar ones on the market.

Maximizing Efficiency With GPS Location Tracking

By investing in GPS location tracking, you can improve efficiency in your showroom and streamline day-to-day operations. Not all GPS trackers are the same, though. Choose a product with features such as geofencing, speed alerts, and real-time maps for the most successful outcomes in your dealership.

View LAS’ GPS devices for dealerships. Alternatively, email [email protected] to learn more about GPS for powersports vehicles, trucks, automobiles, and other items.