Industries That Use GPS The Most

LandAirSea is happy to work with several industries from around the globe. Our innovative products improve customer service, boost efficiency and increase revenue. If you’re looking for a more successful business, we’re here to help.

Here’s more information about the industries we work with:

Airport Operations

Airport operations heavily rely on GPS tracking systems. This industry utilizes our location tracking products for asset management, dispatching procedures, driving reports, and much more. Learn more about how we help this industry today.

Airport Shuttles

Airport shuttles depend on LAS’s unique GPS units every day. From improved shuttle bus management to providing better customer service, our GPS systems and tracking software can take your airport shuttle business to new heights. Learn more here.

ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobiles

Are you a business that rents out ATVs or snowmobiles? If so, managing your inventory can be a serious challenge. Additionally, you have to worry about theft. With the help of LAS’s advanced GPS tracking systems, we can keep your equipment protected at all times. Learn more today.

Big Box Retailer

Big box retailers are one of the industries that use GPS the most. GPS tracking for big-box retailers can lead to improved commercial vehicle management, added security, and better organization as a business. Click here to learn more.

Camping And Hiking

LAS is proud to work with the camping and hiking industry. From outdoor safety to asset protection, we’re here when you need us most. By attaching our GPS device to your backpack, your loved ones can know where you are at all times. Read more today.


We have worked with the chassis industry for several years. Our GPS tracking systems allow businesses to keep track of inventory, which adds a layer of security to your cargo. Chassis is one of the industries that use GPS the most. Find more info here.

Commercial Fleets

Commercial fleets transport tons of goods every single day. LAS’s tracking and location sharing solutions help to keep inventory safe and we can also track mileage. Learn more about our GPS products for commercial fleets.

Concerts And Events

GPS tracking systems are essential at concerts and other events. As there are often high-priced assets at these events, LAS’s GPS products help to keep these safe. With our innovative tracking software, you can keep track of your assets at all times. Check out more information about this industry today.

Dumpsters And Pods

Monitoring routes and tracking inventory has long been challenging in the dumpsters and pods industry. LAS offers solutions for keeping track of your assets, improving dispatching procedures, speeding up delivery times, and more. Learn more information today.

Ecommerce Package Tracking

eCommerce package tracking has grown into one of the industries that use GPS the most. LAS works with retailers, manufacturers, logistics partners, and service providers to boost efficiency and improve operations. Find more information about this industry here.


Electricians often use high-priced items on any given day. If not tracked properly, these products are prone to loss and theft. This can have a huge impact on revenue. LAS helps to keep these high-priced assets out of harm’s way.


Facilities are also on the list of industries that use GPS the most. Our customers often use our products for locating light towers, equipment, and vehicles. Location data can also be easily shared with your customers. Learn more about how we help this industry today.

Food Trucks

If you own a food truck business, our GPS tracking systems can offer several benefits. For one, we can alert your customers when your food truck is nearby. Secondly, we can protect your assets with advanced location data.

Golf Course Maintenance/Operations

LandAirSea’s innovative tracking solutions allow golf course managers to see the entire course from one simplified dashboard. Here, you can track each employee and maintenance vehicle. See our Golf Course Maintenance/Operations page.

Golf Carts And Dealerships

With the help of our GPS trackers, you can keep track of all your golf carts at any time. This can stop left and improve efficiency at your business. It’s no wonder why golf carts and dealerships are one of the industries that use GPS the most.

Government And Municipalities

Effective monitoring and analysis are vital in the government and municipalities sector. Our GPS systems allow you to know the location of government employees and vehicles, leading to better management and organization.

Home Health Care

Home health care is another one of the leading industries that use GPS the most. From ensuring employees arrive on time to improving driving habits, LAS is here for your success. Learn more information today.

Insurance And Risk Assessment

Our GPS tracking solutions can help analyze vehicle routes of insurers and loss adjusters, leading to improved operations. LAS also allows you to send location data to law enforcement if something is stolen. Click here for more information.

Landscape And Tree Care Companies

Help locate landscaping assets, reduce liability and improve customer service with LAS’s GPS tracking solutions for landscaping businesses. Here’s how we can take your organization to new heights.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is one of the industries that use GPS the most. LAS’s products can help track vehicles, people and other assets. Our GPS trackers can even verify the location of suspects.

Limousine | Sedan | Bus

LandAirSea is proud to work with limousines, sedans and buses to improve customer service and boost operations. From real-time monitoring of all vehicles to improved driver training procedures, our GPS solutions can help your business thrive.

Marine Operations

Marine operations are also on the list of the industries that use GPS the most. These trackers help these organizations locate assets in real-time, leading to less theft and a better inventory process. Learn more today.


LAS’s GPS trackers are also here for your personal needs. Our customers attach trackers to all of their important assets, leading to greater peace of mind. We can even set up alerts to keep you notified.


Plumbing businesses may have dozens of employees working at once. Our unique GPS trackers can give you clarity on where your employees are at all times. This can result in more efficiency and greater customer care. Plumbers are among the industries that use GPS the most.

Porta Potty / Portable Toilet Rentals

While porta potty and portable toilet rental inventory can be confusing, LAS is here to simplify the process. Our solutions allow you to better track your assets, resulting in better organization and less theft.

Private Investigators

Private investigators enjoy the GPS tracking solutions offered by LandAirSea. You can track several targets at once in one easy-to-use dashboard. Learn more about this industry today.

Rental Equipment

Loss and theft are huge concerns in the rental equipment industry. This is why rental equipment is among the industries that use GPS the most. LAS helps these businesses keep an eye on their assets, which can help save thousands in the long run.

Roofing Companies

LAS can help with the day-to-day operations of your roofing company. We can help you track vehicles, improve the customer experience and much more. Learn more today.

RVS And Campers

Stolen RVs and campers can cost you thousands. With our unique tracking devices, we can keep these assets safe. Our solutions also reduce the time it takes for an audit.

Schools And Universities

Schools and universities use LAS trackers to keep a close eye on buses and vehicles. This can improve accountability with drivers and even result in greater efficiency as an organization. This is another one of the industries that use GPS the most.

Silver Alerts

LAS can help prevent silver alerts. Our trackers allow you to understand how your loved one is driving, including their route and where they stop.

Snow Removal

LandAirSea is here to improve your snow removal business. We can help boost dispatching procedures, increase driver accountability and offer real-time locations of your vehicles.

Snowbird Transport

Snowbird transport reaps several benefits of GPS technology. From impact detection to detailed driving reports, LAS can help to simplify this transportation process.

Special Promotional Vehicles

If you have tons of special promotional vehicles on hand, keeping these safe can be difficult. LAS is here to simplify the process. Our GPS trackers can save you thousands by keeping these assets protected.

Stadiums, Venues And Arenas

You can find LAS’s innovative trackers at several stadiums, venues and arenas. We offer web-based maps, geofencing technology and useful alert notifications.

Swimming Pool Services

LAS’s GPS tracking solutions can lead to better vehicle management, lower operational costs and improved customer service. Learn more today.


Keep your trailers safe with the help of LAS’s GPS tracking system. Our solutions can reduce the cost of locating your assets in real-time, lower theft and track where your employees are headed.

Waste Management

Waste management is among the top industries that use GPS the most. Our unique products even provide a six- to 12-month battery life, resulting in peace of mind and improved operations.

LandAirSea is here to help your organization succeed. Learn more about our advanced GPS tracking systems today, or give us a call for more information!