LandAirSea GPS Trackers Make Great Holiday Presents!

Choosing the right present often gets harder after people have kids. You might assume it’s easy to find an item they’ll love, but many get so used to putting children first that they forget what they want.

This year, choose a tech gift that will make life more enjoyable for parents. LandAirSea GPS devices have features for security, adventure, and peace of mind.

Learn more about the current LandAirSea units so you can choose the right one for the parent in your life.

LandAirSea 54 Compact GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 is a compact GPS unit parents can use in practically unlimited ways. Its small size (just 0.945 inches high and 2.275 inches deep) and light weight (a mere 75 grams) mean you carry the tracker in a pocket or purse easily. That makes it ideal for parents who enjoy activities like hiking, kayaking, and fishing.

Anyone can slip the 54 into a pocket before heading out on a long hike. The LandAirSea GPS unit doesn’t need a cellular or WiFi connection to track its location. Instead, it relies on a system of satellites that can send signals to remote locations. Once the LAS 54 can connect to the internet, it will update its stored data to the SilverCloud app, where hikers can review their paths and note interesting areas for further exploration.

The LAS 54 can also help parents who:

That final item is a big deal for a lot of parents. Inexperienced drivers are much more likely to have collisions than those who have practiced for a few years. With the LAS 54, parents can receive alerts when their teen children drive dangerously. Just knowing that their parents can monitor them is enough for a lot of teenagers to follow the rules as they earn more freedom.

LandAirSea Overdrive Extended Battery GPS Unit

The LandAirSea Overdrive is perfect for parents who don’t want to worry about recharging batteries. It is slightly larger than the LAS 54, but it’s still compact enough to place in a bag or attach to a vehicle (its internal magnetic certainly helps). The extra space makes it possible for LandAirSea to include a larger battery that can go for weeks, months, or even years between charges.

Why would someone need a LandAirSea GPS tracker with such a long battery life? First off, it’s just a convenient option. Secondly, it’s a great way to secure valuable items you don’t use very often.

Let’s say you have a boat or motorcycle that you only use during summer. It sits in storage for months at a time, making it more vulnerable to theft. The LAS Overdrive provides a reliable way to monitor those items without checking them in person.

Since the Overdrive connects to LAS’s SilverCloud app, owners can create virtual boundaries on a map. If someone takes the GPS device across a boundary, SilverCloud sends an alert via email or text. At that point, you might have an opportunity to scare the thieves away, or you can use ShareSpot to let law enforcement track your property.

LandAirSea SYNC Vehicle GPS Tracker

While the LAS 54 and LAS Overdrive have a lot in common, the SYNC stands out as a unique GPS tracker developed specifically for vehicles.

The LAS SYNC plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD II port, so you never need to recharge its battery. As long as the car’s battery works, the SYNC can communicate with GPS satellites.

Since the SYNC needs a vehicle to work properly, it isn’t quite as versatile as the LAS 54 and LAS Overdrive. Its specific use, however, will appeal to some parents, especially given the recent increase in vehicle thefts. The SYNC also has a tamper-resistant alarm that notifies the alarm when someone disconnects it from the OBD II port.

The SYNC makes a great gift for someone with a vintage car they love. While they enjoy taking it out during the summer months, it likely sits in the garage throughout winter. The longer it sits, the more opportunities thieves see to take it.

Since SYNC communicates with the SilverCloud app, owners can create InstaFences, turn the tracker’s lights off for covert tracking, and access historical data.

The car’s owner probably doesn’t let many people borrow their precious vehicle. If they do, they can keep a close eye on it. SYNC and SilverCloud let them view real-time location data from any device connected to the internet, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Give The Gift Of A LandAirSea GPS Data Plan

All LandAirSea GPS devices need a data plan to communicate with the SilverCloud app. Why not include a data plan as part of your gift so parents can start using their GPS trackers immediately?

You can buy an individual month of data, but you get more for your money when you commit to multiple months. You get a 10% discount when you pre-pay for six months. Pre-pay for 24 months, and you get a 50% discount.

The prices vary depending on how often you want LandAirSea GPS devices to update their locations. Visit the data plan subscription page to find the right option for your gift.

Get Help Choosing The Right LandAirSea GPS Unit

LandAirSea makes three GPS devices that fit diverse needs. Not sure which LandAirSea GPS tracker you should get for the parents in your life? Reach out to [email protected] for help!