Setting Up Your New GPS Tracker: An After-Christmas Guide

If you receive a new GPS tracker this holiday season, someone must really care about your safety and security. Now, you need to set up your new device to benefit from the features LandAirSea builds into our hardware and software applications.

This Christmas GPS setup guide will help you start using your new GPS tracker as quickly as possible!

Create A LandAirSea Account

You need to create a LandAirSea account before you can access data from your new GPS tracker. You can start a new account by visiting the Account Registration web page.

You only need a valid email address to get started. Once you log in, follow the instructions to give LandAirSea the information it needs to confirm your identity and create your account.

Choose A Data Plan

Your GPS unit needs a data plan to communicate with the GPS network. The plan you choose will partially depend on how often you want your device to update its location. Current plans give you six location refresh options:

  • Once every three seconds
  • Once every five seconds
  • Once every 10 seconds
  • Once every 30 seconds
  • Once every minute
  • Once every three minutes

The more often your device communicates its location, the more data it uses. Choosing a low-refresh plan will cost less, but more frequent updates give you real-time tracking.

Keep in mind that you can choose month-to-month or pre-pay data plans. Paying for more than one month will lower the overall cost of your plan. You can:

  • Save 10% with a six-month plan
  • Save 25% with a 12-month plan
  • Save 50% with a 24-month plan

Download The SilverCloud App

Most people prefer interacting with LandAirSea trackers through their mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Download the app and install it on your device. There are versions for:

You can also use any internet browser to access an online version of SilverCloud. Visit your LandAirSea account.

SilverCloud Features

SilverCloud lets you control your GPS tracker remotely. It also powers some of the best features of LandAirSea’s technology.

After you install SilverCloud on your device, you can:

  • Share location information with loved ones and law enforcement (ShareSpot)
  • Create virtual borders around your GPS unit so you can receive alerts when it crosses a line on the map (Geofence)
  • Set alerts to notify you when a GPS-connected vehicle speeds or drives erratically
  • Let your GPS unit create a border around itself so it can send you alerts when it moves (InstaFence)
  • View historical data to see where your GPS tracker has been
  • Plot efficient driving routes based on distance, time, and traffic patterns

If you want to learn more about SilverCloud, watch this LAS video on YouTube.

Connect Your New GPS Tracker To Your Account

Your GPS tracker needs to communicate with the satellites that orbit the planet and provide accurate location data. You also need to make sure your new GPS tracker connects to your SilverCloud.

The best way to link your GPS unit and account is to take it outside and move for 10 to 15 minutes. This will also ensure that the tracker works as you expect. If possible, drive around your area for about 15 minutes.

When you see three green lights on your unit, you know it has connected to your account and is tracking its location.

Decide How You Want To Use Your New GPS Tracker

Now that you’ve set up your new LandAirSea GPS unit, you can start thinking about all the ways you want to use it.

Individuals and businesses benefit from LAS GPS trackers in diverse ways. Since vehicle theft statistics have increased in recent years, many people hide GPS trackers in their cars, trucks, and SUVs. Some of the best places to hide a GPS tracker in a vehicle include inside a door panel, between seat cushions, and on the undercarriage. The LAS 54 and LAS Overdrive have strong internal magnets that let you attach them to most metal surfaces.

Other ways you can use your new GPS tracker include:

Each GPS tracker for LandAirSea has unique features to match individual needs. For example, the LAS 54 has the most compact design, which makes it a great option for covert tracking. The LAS Overdrive has an extended body life, so it works well for people who want reliable tracking without recharging batteries often. The LAS SYNC connects directly into a vehicle OBD II port, so it only works in vehicles but never needs charging.

Spend some time experimenting with your device to discover ways you want to use it.

Get Ongoing Support From LandAirSea

Do you have questions or concerns not covered in this Christmas GPS setup guide? We’re happy to help! You can find answers by reading online user guides or learn more about how other people use GPS trackers by browsing the Industries page.

For more personalized assistance, reach out to [email protected].