Mastering Summer Fishing Expeditions with a GPS Tracker for Seamless Marine Navigation and Fish Finding

More than 52 million Americans went fishing in 2021 — up 4 percent from the year before. Many of them used a GPS tracker during their expeditions, with this technology proving useful for navigating marine areas and finding fish. GPS trackers, like devices made by LandAirSea (LAS), are small enough to fit inside your pocket or a fishing bag or attach to angling equipment. Use one to generate real-time location information about your summer fishing adventures and improve your catch!

How Do GPS Trackers Help You Navigate Marine Areas And Find Fish?

GPS units are tiny and discrete devices that generate location data via GPS. By receiving signals from GPS satellites, these products pinpoint the exact location of anything attached to them, such as a fishing bag, rod, line, or other equipment. You can also place a GPS tracker in your pocket to track your location during a fishing expedition. 

When planning a fishing trip this summer, trackers can help you locate the perfect marine areas to find fish. These products don’t rely on Wi-Fi or cellular connections, meaning you can discover the best angling spots in remote areas. They also sync location information with a mobile app, letting you access real-time maps at any time, even when offline. Whether you’re searching for a lake, river, coral reef, or other marine area, GPS trackers have you covered. 

LAS devices send location information to the Silvercloud app, available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Even if you’re in the wilderness, you can view live maps and find angling spots instantly. Plus, you can save your favorite marine locations — known as waypoints in the angling community — with a couple of finger swipes. That might be a lake with an abundance of fish that other anglers might not know about! As well as favoriting the best locations, you can mark marine areas with underwater hazards, rough waters, or fishing restrictions. 

GPS units can also help you determine your location on a fishing boat. Place one of these devices in your pocket or a fishing bag to view live maps of your position on a lake, river, or other marine area. You’ll be able to improve navigation, get back to shore quicker, and even alert the authorities if you get lost on the water (more on this later).

As you can see, GPS trackers are crucial for marine navigation, finding fish, and improving your catch. These affordable devices are as essential as the other gear you take on fishing trips, helping you pinpoint different locations at any time. They can also be useful for other experiences you might encounter when fishing this summer. 

How GPS Trackers Improve Your Summer Fishing Expeditions

Here are some of the ways GPS trackers can make your next fishing adventure a better experience: 

Protect Your Fishing Equipment

You can attach a GPS tracker to hooks, reels, lines, rods, and other equipment to view the location of these items in real time on your smart device. If you lose a piece of equipment during your fishing trip, you can open a mobile app, see the item’s whereabouts on a live map, and recover it.

GPS trackers also help with theft protection. LAS devices let you create a geofence around a real-world location, such as a favorite fishing spot. If an item attached to a tracker, such as an expensive fishing line, leaves your pre-determined geofence, you’ll receive a notification on your phone or tablet. You can then view the stolen item’s location on your device as it moves from its original spot to its new destination. 

LAS devices with ShareSpot are also beneficial for theft protection. These products let you share live location information about stolen fishing equipment with law enforcement, who can try to retrieve your valuables and find the individual who took them. You can even share location data with your insurance company to prove theft and speed up your claim.

Let People Know Where You Are

With LAS ShareSpot technology, you can send location information to anyone you like. For example, you can share your whereabouts on a map with a loved one who isn’t going on your fishing trip. If you don’t return home after fishing, that person can see your live location and alert the authorities if necessary. 

You can also send location information to other anglers on your expedition. If you wander off from your original fishing spot and get lost, you can share a live map of your new location. 

Get Boat Speed Alerts

The best GPS trackers calculate the speed you move in a boat or other marine vehicle, helping you learn whether you are traveling too fast or too slow. Moving at high speeds in a boat can scare away fish and impact how you cast your lure, so knowing your average speed can help you improve your catch. LAS devices send custom speed notifications when you’re in a marine vehicle, so you can always know how slow or fast you travel. 

How LAS Can Improve Marine Navigation And Fish Finding

You deserve a GPS device for fishing that is reliable, accurate, and powerful. With over 25 years of GPS surveillance experience, LAS has a wide range of trackers that can help you navigate marine areas and find more fish:

LandAirSea 54

Attach the LandAirSea 54 to your fishing bag, equipment, or boat this summer and generate real-time location information whenever you need it. The product’s ShareSpot feature makes it easy to share your whereabouts with anyone you like, and you can quickly locate and favorite the marine areas you want to visit. This waterproof and dustproof device will also help you improve your catch by generating boat speed alerts and identifying marine areas with underwater hazards or fishing restrictions. 

LandAirSea Sync

The LandAirSea Sync connects to your vehicle’s OBD II port, helping you protect your car when parked at a fishing location. Setting up a geofence around this location will notify you if someone moves your vehicle. The Sync doesn’t require batteries or charging and lets you track previous driving routes with its historical playback feature.

LandAirSea Overdrive

The LandAirSea Overdrive is a waterproof and dustproof GPS tracker that helps you navigate marine areas and find the best angling spots. It has a long-lasting battery and comes with a dark mode, perfect for protecting your equipment during nighttime fishing expeditions. Other features include speed alerts and geofence notifications.

Contact LAS to find the best GPS tracker for upcoming fishing trips this summer!  

Master Your Next Summer Fishing Trip With LAS

GPS trackers help you navigate lakes, rivers, coral reefs, and other marine areas and locate the best fishing spots this summer. However, LAS devices go one step further by letting you share location information with anyone you like, calculating boat speeds, and protecting your expensive angling equipment. Other benefits of LAS include world-class customer service, affordable pricing, simple setup and activation, and online tutorials and videos.  

Order a GPS tracker today and master your summer fishing trips. Or email [email protected] to learn more about GPS trackers for angling.