Navigating The Hustle And Bustle: How GPS Systems Simplify City Life

Being in a city often means living in close proximity to lots of different people. That can have its pros and cons. While city life frequently provides more work and social opportunities than rural areas, high crime, crowding, and other problems make residing in a busy metropolis a challenge. Thankfully, GPS devices, like those manufactured by LandAirSea, make urban lifestyles easier with their location tracking, asset protection, and connectivity capabilities. Learn how GPS trackers can improve your time in the big city below!

Find Any Location In Your Area

Getting from point A to point B in a city is easier than ever with GPS technology. Your GPS-enabled smartphone, for example, can direct you to your chosen location and get you to where you need to be, whether traveling on foot, by car, or via public transportation. However, investing in a GPS tracker can be even more effective when moving around an urban area.

GPS trackers and GPS-enabled smartphones use different technologies to determine your location and provide a route to your destination. Smartphones often rely on cell towers to calculate your whereabouts, which is highly effective most of the time. However, poor cell coverage can influence the accuracy of these devices, meaning, in some cases, you might not get to your intended destination.

GPS trackers get location data from the Global Positioning System (GPS) — a series of satellites that orbit the planet. These satellites helped the U.S. military locate foreign submarines during the Cold War. However, now city dwellers like you can use this system to find the best route to a location in mere seconds. Satellites are more accurate than cell towers for location tracking, making GPS trackers a fantastic investment. Satellite data is also more consistent, meaning you can get to a destination even if you don’t have a signal on your smartphone.

Say you want to find the quickest route to work and avoid as much traffic as possible. GPS trackers and GPS-enabled smartphones can both help you do this. However, thanks to the Global Positioning System, trackers generate data even in areas with poor cell phone coverage, such as crowded streets and apartments and offices at the top of tall buildings. You can also find any location in your city, even if your cell phone runs out of battery.

So how do GPS trackers work? These devices receive signals from satellites in the Global Positioning System and then determine your location in your city using a process called triangulation. LAS trackers, for example, can calculate your whereabouts on a map up to 6 inches, which is more accurate than the GPS in a smartphone. You can view real-time maps by logging into your LAS account or desktop or downloading the SilverCloud app on your phone or tablet. No matter where you are or how busy your city is, you can quickly get to where you need to go.

Locate Your Most Valuable Assets

Living in the city has its drawbacks. Research shows that crimes like burglary and theft increase with population size. That means the larger the city you live in, the more likely someone will steal your belongings. Unfortunately, GPS trackers won’t prevent crime from happening. However, these devices can help you locate your items if stolen.

But how? LAS trackers utilize a technology called geofencing. They let you create a virtual perimeter around a real-world location — a geofence — in the SilverCloud app. If an item attached to a tracker leaves this geofence, suggesting theft, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet. You can then track your stolen item as it moves from its original location to its new destination. Then you can try to retrieve it or share information with law enforcement via LAS’ ShareSpot feature.

Here’s an example of how geofencing can help you locate a stolen item in a big city. Say you live in a home in a neighborhood that experiences high crime. You can place a GPS tracker inside a valuable asset, such as a car, perhaps in the vehicle’s glove box. By creating a geofence around your home, you will receive an alert when someone moves your car from your property and then track the vehicle in real time on a live map. No matter where a criminal takes your car, you will always be able to locate it as long as a tracker is attached to it.

Geofencing can also be useful for filing an insurance claim for property theft. LAS lets you share historical maps with your insurance company, showing where a criminal has taken your stolen item, which might speed up your claim. With this evidence, your insurer might provide the funds you need quickly, allowing you to replace your stolen valuable.

Improve Connectivity With Loved Ones

The hustle and bustle of the big city means it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your loved ones. For example, finding a friend or family member at a particular location can be difficult if that location is crowded. One of the best things about having a GPS tracker in a city is that they help you stay connected with the people you love.

Gifting your teenage child a GPS tracker and telling them to keep it in their pocket on a night out, for instance, means you can track their whereabouts and ensure they are where they say they are. All you need to do is log into your account on the LAS website on a desktop or open up the SilverCloud app to see where your teenager really is.

GPS trackers are also great when looking after vulnerable friends and family members in a city. You can ask your loved one to keep a GPS tracker on them at all times and view their whereabouts in real time. If the vulnerable person goes missing or wanders off from their home or elsewhere, you can quickly locate them. Again, with LAS ShareSpot technology, you can share location information with law enforcement if a loved one is potentially in danger.

Why LAS For GPS Tracking In The City?

High crime, crowding, and other problems make city life a challenge. However, GPS trackers can simplify urban living by helping you get to different locations, find stolen valuables, and stay connected with loved ones. They are also more accurate and consistent than GPS-enabled smartphones, making them a worthwhile investment when living in a metropolis.

Many GPS devices on the market make urban life easier. So what makes LAS different? Well, this company has pioneered GPS tracking since the ’90s and has worked with organizations in various industries, including law enforcement, border control, local government, and the military.

Here are some other benefits of LAS devices:

  • It’s simple to set up and activate your GPS device from LAS. Just follow the instructions provided with your product or access video tutorials, FAQs, and other resources on the company’s website.
  • Still need help with set or activation? Have an issue with your device you need to troubleshoot? LAS offers world-class customer service for all its customers.
  • LAS devices are affordable, with a pay-as-you-go pricing model on some products. There are no commitments or long-term contracts, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • LAS currently offers three different products for GPS tracking. LandAirSea 54 and LandAirSea Overdrive come with industrial-strength magnets that connect to valuable items. They are also small and discreet enough to fit inside a bag or pocket. LandAirSea SYNC connects directly to your vehicle’s OBD II port, meaning it doesn’t require any batteries.

Check out more details about LAS’ range of products, or email [email protected] to learn more about GPS trackers for city living.