Safeguard Your Teen Driver: A Comprehensive Guide On GPS Tracking

Did you know teens aged 16–19 are more likely to have a motor vehicle crash than any other age group? Or that teenagers are more likely to engage in risky driving behaviors such as speeding? These statistics might shock you as a parent. However, GPS trackers, like those available at LandAirSea (LAS), can provide peace of mind by improving safety on the road for your child. In this guide, learn the benefits of these devices for teenagers and discover the best GPS products from LAS for driving safety.

What Are GPS Trackers?

You’re already familiar with GPS on your smartphone, which calculates your exact location on the planet and gets you from point A to point B. GPS trackers do the same thing as smartphones but use a different technology. While smartphones rely on cell towers to determine your whereabouts, trackers utilize satellites in the Global Positioning System (GPS) — once used by the U.S. military to locate submarines during the Cold War.

GPS satellites are more effective than cell towers. That’s because they provide location data even if you are outside of a cell tower’s range. In fact, you can be anywhere on the planet and know your exact whereabouts, even if you are hundreds of miles from your nearest tower. Also, GPS trackers tend to have a much longer battery life than smartphones, with LAS products lasting for several weeks before you need to recharge them.

So how does a GPS tracker benefit your teen when driving? This technology provides consistent and accurate location data whenever your loved one is on the road, helping them find the safest routes to their destination. These products can also assist your teen in retrieving their vehicle if it is stolen or goes missing. The best trackers on the market, like those manufactured by LAS, also generate speed alerts, allowing your teenager to improve their driving behavior. Learn more about these benefits below.

Find The Safest Route To A Location

A GPS tracker receives signals from satellites orbiting the planet and determines the location of any item attached to it, such as a vehicle, with great accuracy. LAS devices, for example, calculate your whereabouts within 6 inches, making them far more reliable than GPS-enabled smartphones, which can’t pinpoint your location as effectively. With this amount of precision, your teen can use a tracker from LAS to know their exact whereabouts on the road and get to their destination via the safest possible route.

LAS trackers send location data to the SilverCloud app, which displays real-time maps to your teen. That helps them avoid areas that pose a risk when driving, such as high-crime neighborhoods and rural locations with unsafe roads. Your loved one can plan their journey through SilverCloud and feel safer in their vehicle. Your teen can also favorite their favorite routes for future reference and flag dangerous locations they want to stay away from.

Locate A Stolen Or Missing Vehicle

LAS’ geofencing technology makes it easy to find a stolen vehicle. Your teen can create a virtual parameter — a geofence — around a real geographical area like a parking lot or garage in the SilverCloud app and receive a phone notification when their vehicle leaves that vicinity, suggesting a theft has occurred. The SilverCloud app will then display a live map showing their car as it moves from one location to the next, making it easier to retrieve the asset. Without this technology, your loved one might never know the final destination of their vehicle.

LAS’ ShareSpot feature also lets your teen share the location of a stolen vehicle with law enforcement or their insurance company via the SilverCloud app. A live map showing a vehicle has left its geofence and ended up in a new destination can prove theft and increase the chances of an insurer approving a claim and issuing funds more quickly.

LAS GPS devices also help your teen find their vehicle if they can’t remember where they placed it, such as in a large parking lot. Your child will always be able to find their car, no matter where it is, as long as a tracker is attached to it and has enough battery life.

Improve Driver Performance

Not all GPS trackers on the market generate speed alerts, so LAS products are valuable for improving driver safety and preventing your teen from traveling too fast. These devices calculate the speed of vehicles when attached to them and send phone notifications to drivers when they exceed a specific limit. These alerts remind drivers to slow down and drive more responsibly.

Speeding is becoming a bigger problem, especially among teenage drivers, making LAS products a worthwhile investment for staying safe when traveling. Driving too fast was a factor in 29% of all traffic deaths in 2021 and 43% of fatalities on roads with dirt, mud, or gravel.

Male drivers aged 15–20 were the most likely age group to be speeding at the time of a fatal car crash.

What LAS Devices Are Best For Improving Teenage Driver Safety?

LAS has manufactured surveillance products since 1994 and helped over 60 industries improve asset protection, fleet management, and more. The company has several GPS trackers that can keep your teenager safe in various driving conditions:

  • LandAirSea 54 has a powerful long-lasting battery and is both dustproof and waterproof, meaning it’s ideal for different driving conditions. Its ShareSpot feature lets your teen share location data with whomever they like through SilverCloud while geofencing capabilities help them locate their vehicle if stolen. Other features include arrival and departure notifications and speed and battery alerts.
  • LandAirSea SYNC connects directly to the OBD II port in your teen’s vehicle, meaning no battery or charging is required. This device also has a geofence feature for vehicle recovery and location-sharing capabilities via ShareSpot. Other features include speed alerts, Instafence alerts, and battery alerts.
  • LandAirSea Overdrive has a battery that lasts longer than the one with the LandAirSea 54 and is also waterproof and dustproof. Your teen can create a geofence to recover their vehicle if stolen and share location information with law enforcement and insurers via ShareSpot. Other features include battery alerts, speed alerts, and a dark mode.

How LAS Devices Can Protect Your Teen When Driving

Teens are more likely to engage in irresponsible driving practices and be involved in a car crash than any other age group. Investing in a GPS tracker from LAS can provide peace of mind as a parent. These devices can help your child find the safest route to their destination, locate their vehicle after theft, and increase awareness about how fast they travel. With speed alerts, geofencing, and other real-time location tracking, LAS devices safeguard your teen on the road.

Other benefits of investing in LAS products include:

Learn more about the LAS range of GPS trackers for teen drivers, or email [email protected] with any questions about these products.