Spring Theft Prevention Series: GPS For Jet Ski Theft

Property theft increases dramatically in the spring when the evenings are lighter, with personal watercraft like expensive jet skis highly sought after by criminals. Whether you own a recreational or performance jet ski, you should protect it against thieves at this time of the year.

One of the best ways to do this is by investing in a GPS tracker like those manufactured by LandAirSea (LAS). These tracking devices help you identify the location of a jet ski after someone steals it, making it easier to retrieve the item. Learn more about GPS for jet ski theft below in the latest edition of LAS’ spring theft protection series.

Why Are Jet Skis Sought After By Criminals?

More than 4,500 watercraft were stolen in the United States in 2021, according to the most recent statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). Jet skis and other personal vehicles were the most stolen type of watercraft during this period and, unfortunately, had the lowest recovery rate. That might be because personal watercraft are smaller than larger boats, making it easier for thieves to conceal them.

Criminals steal jet skis for all kinds of reasons. The average jet ski costs $13,863, with some models commanding over $20,000. That makes jet ski theft a lucrative crime for thieves who can sell these watercraft and their parts on the black market. Some criminals don’t generate a financial gain from jet ski theft but steal these items for the thrill of it. Joyriders often abandon this type of watercraft after taking it from its original location.

Thieves are more likely to swipe jet skis in the spring and summer months when people enjoy the great outdoors. Owners might take their eyes off their watercraft when relaxing by a lake or ocean in warmer temperatures, providing an opportunity for criminals to steal these items. Thieves might also steal jet skis attached to cars on driveways in vacation homes.

How To Prevent Jet Ski Theft This Spring

You can prevent someone from stealing your jet ski by adopting the following preventative measures:

  • Cover your jet ski when docking or hauling it.
  • Install a motion sensor alarm on your watercraft.
  • Lock your jet ski, even if it’s in your garage.
  • Use a cable or heavy-duty lock to chain to lock your jet ski.
  • Install security cameras on your property.

While these steps might prevent criminals from stealing your jet ski, you should consider technologies that will help you recover your watercraft if someone takes it. GPS tracking devices from LAS will monitor the location of your jet ski and provide real-time information about its whereabouts in the event of theft. You can also use trackers to help locate your watercraft if you can’t remember where you docked it.

How To Use A GPS Tracker To Recover Your Stolen Jet Ski

Attach a GPS tracker from LAS to various areas in your jet ski with the provided magnets or cables. If someone steals your item, you can quickly identify it.

Create A Geofence

After attaching a GPS tracker to your jet ski, you can create a virtual boundary around its location on a map — a process called geofencing. Say you keep your jet ski in your garage when not using it. You can create a geofence around your garage and receive a notification on your smartphone when your jet ski moves from this vicinity, indicating theft.

Identify The Location Of Your Jet Ski

Once you receive a geofence notification, start tracking the location of your stolen jet ski on your phone. With the SilverCloud app, which works with LAS devices, you can view the whereabouts of your jet ski on a map as a thief moves it from its original location to another destination. As long as your GPS device remains on your jet ski, you can determine its precise location on your phone. You can also check historical data at any time and review the route criminals took after stealing your jet ski.

Recover Your Jet Ski

Now you know where a criminal has taken your jet ski, you can recover it. Sharing information with law enforcement will help you find your stolen item and the person responsible for taking it. This is possible because of ShareSpot technology on LAS devices, which lets you exchange location data with anyone you like in a few simple steps.

Support Your Insurance Claim

If you can’t recover your jet ski, perhaps because someone has destroyed it or sold its parts, you can include location data from your GPS device with your insurance claim. Insurers often delay or refuse to pay out on claims for stolen watercraft if they don’t receive enough evidence, so location insights from LAS could help you receive the funds you need to purchase a new jet ski. Again, you can exchange location information quickly with LAS’ ShareSpot capabilities.

All of the above is possible because of the Global Positioning System (GPS), a system of navigational satellites that circle the planet. These satellites send signals to receivers on LAS devices, helping you identify the real-time location of any item attached to a GPS tracker. LAS products can determine the whereabouts of a stolen jet ski within 6 inches, providing more accuracy than GPS-enabled smartphones.

Where To Place A GPS Tracker On A Jet Ski

You can place a GPS tracker on various areas of your jet ski with a magnet or cable:

  • On the battery
  • On the ignition
  • On the footwells
  • On the bow
  • On the glovebox lid
  • On a handle
  • In a bag attached to a handle
  • In a cup holder

GPS For Jet Ski Theft: Which Device Should You Choose?

LAS’ GPS tracking devices can locate your jet ski after someone steals it:

LandAirSea 54

LandAirSea 54 attaches to different areas of your jet ski with its industrial-strength magnets and offers geofence alerts, battery alerts, speed alerts, Instafence, and a dark mode. This waterproof and dustproof GPS tracker generates the latest location insights that you can share with friends, family, law enforcement, and others via ShareSpot technology.

LandAirSea Sync

LandAirSea Sync connects to an OBD II port in a motor vehicle, making it unsuitable for jet skis that lack these connections. However, you can still use this device to track a jet ski attached to your vehicle. For example, you can monitor a car with a jet ski linked to it and quickly recover these valuables in the event of theft. Other Sync features include geofence alerts, speed alerts, and arrival and departure notifications.

LandAirSea Overdrive

LandAirSea Overdrive has a battery that provides up to four times more juice than 54, saving you more money in the long run. This device is waterproof and dustproof and connects to various areas of your jet ski with its strong internal magnet. Other features include speed alerts, fence alerts, battery alerts, and a dark mode.

Which product should you choose to track your watercraft? Contact LAS to learn more about GPS for jet ski theft.

GPS For Jet Ski Theft: Why LAS?

For 30 years, LAS has pioneered and manufactured GPS tracking devices for a wide range of industries, helping organizations improve asset management, employee performance, and more. These industries include local government, border control, law enforcement, professional services, and the military.

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing GPS trackers for jet skis from LAS:

  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy installation process
  • Activate your jet ski GPS tracker quickly
  • Access online guides and tutorials to troubleshoot and set up your device
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing on some products
  • No hidden costs
  • LAS GPS trackers for jet skis are up to 80% cheaper than similar devices

Final Word About GPS For Jet Ski Theft

Property theft increases in the spring after the clocks go forward, making high-value items like jet skis and other personal watercraft highly vulnerable to criminals. Protecting your jet ski with locks and an alarm system might prevent thieves, but investing in a GPS tracker can help you identify your item if the worst-case scenario happens. LAS’ tracking devices use ShareSpot technology, allowing you to share location information with whomever you like. Other benefits include geofence alerts, easy installation, and affordable pricing. Whether you opt for the 54, Sync, or Overdrive, you can access the latest location intelligence and make smarter decisions when someone steals your valuables.

Order a GPS tracking device today and identify the location of your jet ski if someone takes it. Alternatively, email [email protected] for more information about GPS for jet ski theft.