Streamline Rental Equipment Operations With GPS Tracking Systems

While many industries struggled to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies that rent equipment to individuals and businesses thrived. Experts at the American Rental Association (ARA) believe the upward trend will continue. That presents opportunities and challenges as companies adjust to increased demand.

Embracing GPS for equipment tracking can help streamline your operations so you can serve more customers without spending thousands (or millions) of dollars on surplus equipment.

Manage Your Inventory With GPS For Equipment Tracking

GPS for equipment tracking makes it much easier for you to manage every item in your inventory. Once you attach a GPS tracker to a piece of equipment, you can view its location in real time.

Innovative GPS tracking features let you give potential customers accurate answers about what items are available for rent. You don’t need to search your warehouse or lot to find the equipment. Just use your computer or mobile device to check its location.

Even if someone enters inaccurate information in your inventory management software, you can see precisely what’s available. If it’s on the lot and no one has reserved it, you can tell the person to come in and pick it up. If it’s not on the list, you can suggest alternatives. Regardless, your GPS for equipment tracking gives you a more accurate inventory that improves customer service.

Save Time Finding Equipment For Rent

GPS for equipment tracking also helps your employees retrieve items customers want to rent. Instead of searching through rows of equipment, they can walk straight to a specific item’s location.

Saving a few minutes on each rental adds up quickly, making your business more profitable and improving customer relations. Everyone wants to save time, so people who don’t have to wait long to rent equipment are more likely to keep coming to you for equipment rentals.

Considering the high cost of acquiring new customers compared to retaining existing ones, it makes sense to invest in GPS devices that streamline your operations. Instead of spending more money on advertising, you can rely on loyal customers to keep coming back when they need your help.

Add Delivery To Your List Of Services

Some of your customers probably don’t have reliable ways to move heavy equipment from your location to their worksite. GPS for equipment tracking makes it easier to add delivery to your list of services.

GPS devices and software also help you coordinate delivery times with rental clients. Send your customer a notification when the equipment leaves your warehouse. That way, they can prepare to receive it when the delivery driver arrives.

With a little planning and the right technology, everyone benefits from streamlined equipment delivery services.

Prevent Equipment Theft With GPS Trackers

Diligent, sophisticated criminals know how to steal equipment from rental companies and avoid detection. It often only requires a stolen credit card and a little social engineering.

GPS for equipment tracking undermines these plans. Someone might manage to give you a fake or stolen credit card number. You’ll discover the problem soon enough, though.

Without GPS, you can’t do much about stolen property. Law enforcement isn’t going to prioritize a missing jackhammer or sump pump. With LandAirSea GPS trackers, you can send the police a link that gives them limited access to your account. Law enforcement can use the GPS data to locate the stolen equipment, arrest the thieves, and return the items to you.

You get immediate benefits from recovering stolen property. By helping police identify suspects, you also help prosecutors obtain the information they need to put thieves behind bars. Assisting law enforcement with this information helps lower crime and makes your area safer for everyone.

Choose The Right GPS Device For Your Rental Business

LandAirSea specializes in building innovative GPS trackers and apps. We currently have two devices that could meet your GPS for equipment tracking needs.

The LAS 54 is a small, lightweight GPS tracker with a strong internal magnet that attaches to most metallic surfaces. The small size makes it easy for you to hide the device inside your rental equipment. For example, you could attach the LAS 54 to a boom lift’s metal panel. If the renter doesn’t pay on time, you know precisely where to find your equipment. Since the customer doesn’t know about the tracker, you can retrieve the boom lift without any confrontations.

The LAS Overdrive has a slightly larger build, but it gives you a longer battery life that can last for months between charges. It’s a great option for monitoring your long-term rentals.

Other benefits of LandAirSea GPS devices for equipment tracking include:

  • Dustproof, waterproof exteriors that can tolerate even the roughest environments, including construction sites.
  • Onboard cellular and GPS connections for accurate tracking around the world.
  • Alerts that notify you when items cross virtual boundaries.
  • Real-time and historical location data.

All LAS devices connect to the SilverCloud app, so you can access data with your mobile device or through any internet browser.

If you want assistance choosing the GPS for equipment tracking that’s right for your use case, send a message to [email protected]. He can help you compare LAS trackers, data plans, and other options to ensure you get the right products to streamline your rental company’s operations.