The Tech Savvy Shopper: Using GPS Tracking To Enhance Your Black Friday Experience

Black Friday has practically become a holiday in the United States and many other countries as consumers head to stores to take advantage of deep discounts on popular products. This year, tech-savvy shoppers can rely on GPS trackers to reap even more benefits than the average person. With a little planning and the right technology, you can benefit from exclusive deals you’ll only find in stores.

Avoid Traffic To Reach Stores Easily

More people travel during the Thanksgiving weekend than any other holiday. The combination of Thanksgiving travel and shoppers rushing to stores for Black Friday deals means you can expect a lot of traffic. If you get stuck in gridlock, you could miss the season’s most spectacular deals.

GPS devices with real-time tracking and traffic updates can help you avoid the busiest streets so you can get to stores easily. GPS tracking devices can also estimate how long it will take to reach your destination so you can plan your trip ahead of time.

You can even rely on your GPS tracker to help you adapt to changing traffic patterns. If you have a LandAirSea (LAS) tracker, open the SilverCloud app on your mobile phone to get the latest traffic information and find an efficient route.

Stay Connected To Your Group As You Explore Black Friday Deals

Black Friday deals can send your group in different directions as everyone tries to check off the items on their lists. With so many people going to malls and retail centers at the same time, you can get lost in the crowd.

In-store shopping on Black Friday has started to increase since COVID-19 precautions kept people at home. In 2022, indoor foot traffic was 2.9% higher than the previous year. Foot traffic at outdoor shopping centers and open-air malls grew 4.7%. Now that more people have been vaccinated against the virus and returned to their normal lifestyles, you can expect to see even bigger crowds.

Stay connected with loved ones by giving them LAS GPS trackers. Devices like the LAS Overdrive can give you accurate locations within a few feet, making it simple for you to find members of your party when you need them.

Black Friday GPS enhancements do more than show you where people are. You can use location tracking to follow a plan that helps your group take advantage of more deals. For example, if someone buys all of the items they want, you can rethink your strategy and send that person to a store near them to buy merchandise on someone else’s list.

With GPS trackers, you gain peace of mind by knowing where your loved ones are, and you improve your shopping strategy to buy more while spending less.

Protect Items You Stow In Your Parked Vehicle

Black Friday is a different type of holiday for thieves. While smash-and-grab thefts get the most media attention, plenty of criminals also roam parking lots searching for merchandise left in vehicles. It only takes a few seconds for them to steal items you planned to use as holiday gifts.

Ideally, you shouldn’t store valuables in an unattended vehicle. If you have a large haul from your Black Friday shopping, though, you might need a place to keep items while you continue shopping.

Black Friday GPS enhancements offer some protection from parking lot theft. For example, you can put the LAS 54 in a shopping bag. If someone steals the bag, you can use the Silvercloud app’s ShareSpot feature to help law enforcement locate the missing items.

Tech-savvy shoppers can also use GPS trackers to protect their vehicles. The LAS Sync plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, so it never runs out of battery power. If someone steals your car while you’re distracted by Black Friday shopping, you can use ShareSpot to help law enforcement locate and possibly retrieve your vehicle. With some luck, you might also recover any consumer goods you had in the car.

Get Reliable Black Friday GPS Enhancements From LAS

You want to maximize the holiday shopping season by reaching in-store Black Friday deals as quickly as possible. GPS trackers can help you reach your shopping goals! You just have to choose an option that fits your preferences.

LAS makes three GPS personal real-time trackers to help tech-savvy shoppers get more out of in-store Black Friday deals. The one that works best for you will depend on your specific needs. For example, the LAS 54 has the smallest size, making it easy for anyone to carry in a purse or pocket. The LAS Overdrive is slightly larger than the 54 but has a longer battery life that will outlast any shopping excursion.

The LAS Sync is only suitable for vehicles because it relies on an OBD-II port for power. Still, it’s a reliable choice with plenty of other uses throughout the year. It’s perfect for road trips, navigating local roads, and tracking teen drivers. If you set up a geofence in the SilverCloud app, Sync will also notify you when someone takes your vehicle beyond a specific area on the map. That makes it an excellent option for preventing theft.

Not sure which LAS tracker suits your Black Friday shopping needs? Reach out to [email protected] to learn more about each model, the Silvercloud app’s features, and data plans that will give you real-time tracking.