Using A GPS Tracking Device To Secure Your Ski And Snowboard Gear This Winter Season

Winter sports are all about thrills and controlled risks. There’s one aspect where you want complete security though: your expensive ski or snowboard equipment. Theft is sadly common at ski resorts. A determined criminal can flee with your gear and become untraceable before you even know it’s gone. A GPS tracker is the ideal way to stay one step ahead and know precisely where your equipment is at all times.

The Cost Of Complacency

Unfortunately, theft of winter sports equipment is a serious problem. A survey by market researcher MORI found that more than one in ten people who’ve taken a winter sports holiday have suffered a theft, with stolen ski and snowboard equipment making up the majority of cases. It’s perhaps inevitable since the combination of low weight and high value makes snow sports equipment an attractive target.

Replacing stolen equipment can bring financial misery that ruins a holiday. You’ll usually need to hire equipment for the rest of the trip. You’ll then have to decide whether to buy replacements. Skis and bindings can run anywhere from $400 to $2,000. Meanwhile, accessories like specialist goggles and helmets can cost $100-$150.

Insurance can help but often has significant practical limitations:

  • Standard travel policies may not cover winter sports equipment or will consider them high-value items that increase premiums.
  • Specialist winter sports policies, which are certainly worth considering for the medical coverage, may limit the number of days a year you are covered.
  • Policies may be void if you leave equipment unattended.
  • Not all ski equipment is covered.
  • Even if you can make a valid claim, high deductibles may leave you out of pocket.

Why Use A GPS Tracker For Securing Ski Gear?

The main benefits of using a GPS tracker are knowing exactly where your equipment is and when someone moves it. Unlike phones, specialist GPS trackers, such as those from LandAirSea, can pinpoint locations within a meter of accuracy. That greatly increases the chance of law enforcement officials being able to recover your equipment and catch the thief.

As with any theft, the sooner you know someone has stolen your gear, the better your chances of getting it back. That’s where geofencing comes in. GPS is a GPS tracker feature that lets you set a virtual boundary – for example, your ski resort – and alerts you whenever the tracker leaves the area.

Some LandAirSea models also feature an InstaFence feature with automated or manual activation. This creates a very small boundary so you receive an alert when the tracker moves a short distance. It’s a great option for when you’ve stopped using your equipment for the day or you aren’t giving your full attention to gear while taking a break for drinks or a meal.

Other Benefits Of Ski And Snowboard GPS Tracking

Securing ski gear isn’t the only advantage a GPS tracker offers for your winter sports equipment. It’s also extremely useful when your luggage is delayed or lost on a flight. Knowing where your gear has ended up can give you a better idea of when you’re likely to get it back, particularly if the airline doesn’t give you useful or accurate updates. This can help you decide whether to make alternative arrangements, such as borrowing gear or delaying your trip to the top of the piste.

You can also use GPS devices to keep track of your family members if you split up, for example, to tackle different courses. Most trackers can also record complete records of their movements, meaning you get useful data and insights about your winter sports activities.

One underestimated benefit is that GPS trackers will work almost anywhere in the world without cellular data providers, roaming charges, or network coverage.

Key Features

When choosing a GPS tracker for securing ski gear, look for a few key features. Portability is vital so that you can attach trackers to equipment or bags. Some models can be less than an inch thick and weigh less than a pack of playing cards.

You’ll also need to consider battery life, particularly if you want the most accurate tracking that updates as often as every few seconds. At the very least, you’ll want a model that can last all day. But the less often you need to recharge, the less disruptive for your trip. For maximum convenience, look for models that alert you when battery levels drop low. Also check for features such as an alarm mode, which lets you easily switch to more frequent updates when leaving equipment unattended.

Don’t forget to check for resilience. The best models offer high levels of waterproofing and can survive bumps and drops, which are common issues with winter sports.

LandAirSea’s Devices For Ski Gear And Snowboard GPS Tracking

LandAirSea offers several tracker models, with the LandAirSea 54 most suited to ski and snowboard GPS tracking, thanks to its portability. It’s affordable enough that you could get multiple devices to cover all your gear. There’s also an option for month-by-month service, making it ideal for seasonal activities like skiing.

Get The Right GPS Tracker For Your Snowy Adventure

Nothing can stop a determined thief, but a GPS tracker is your best way to have peace of mind, knowing you can detect a theft as quickly as possible.

Order your LandAirSea tracker for ski and snowboard GPS tracking today. If you want to know more or have any questions, contact [email protected] for assistance.