Using GPS In Marinas

GPS units for marinas can help your business thrive by lowering costs, improving customer services, and boosting safety. Before you can benefit from GPS technology, you need to choose the right devices and learn how to use them well.

The following guide will help you understand more about using GPS units for marinas and point you to a couple of devices from LandAirSea (LAS) that will offer the features you need for reliable services.

Prevent Theft And Recover Stolen Vehicles

Boat thefts don’t happen nearly as often as car thefts. When someone does steal a boat, though, they usually target fairly small ones. One insurance company’s data show that about 75% of thefts target vessels less than 26 feet long. They include cruisers, runabouts, personal watercraft (PWC), and even bass boats.

Several security measures can prevent boat theft at your marina. Floodlights connected to motion sensors can scare off potential thieves. Having a security guard patrol the area at night can also help. No security measure can ensure that criminals stay away from your marina. You can, however, track boats with GPS and give the information to law enforcement, making it easier for them to recover your stolen vehicles.

GPS units for marinas could also help prevent theft. If a customer tries to keep your boat – or even steal it without any plans to return the vehicle – you can use your GPS units to track the rentals. Just letting customers know that you have this option could limit theft attempts.

Improve Safety With GPS Units For Marinas

Several industries use GPS to improve vehicle safety. For example, shipping and delivery companies use GPS devices to monitor drivers for signs of unsafe behavior, such as speeding or reckless driving.

Your marina can use GPS units in a similar way. Inform customers renting your watercraft that they must follow your area’s rules. That could mean staying below a certain speed while traveling across lakes and slowing down to minimum speed when they enter no-wake zones.

Depending on your local regulations, you could add fines to your contract with renters. Enforcing rules is nearly impossible until you have a service that can track boats with GPS. Adding fines to your contracts could reinforce how seriously you and the authorities take the rules. Ideally, customers will operate their watercraft more safely when they know that violating those rules could cost them.

Help Customers Explore Waterways

Software and GPS units for marinas give you an opportunity to earn more revenue while helping customers enjoy their days on the water. Some of the people who use your marina know the local waterways well. They spend a lot of time on the water, so they can find the best fishing and swimming spots easily. Vacationers, however, might struggle to find the best places to enjoy the day.

Rent tablets with GPS software that connects with your GPS units. That way, renters can use GPS coordinates to find popular spots.

You can also recommend boating apps that will improve their experiences. If you choose to rent tablets or other devices loaded with GPS software, you can add your favorite apps and include saved locations.

The option to track their positions on a map could also help them return their rentals on time. They won’t have an excuse for showing up late when you know they had access to GPS directions. By helping them return on time, you don’t have to stay open later than usual, waiting for a lost renter to find your marina and return your boat.

LAS GPS Units For Marinas And Boats

You can track boats with GPS more reliably when you choose waterproof units with long battery lives. At least one of the following LAS GPS units for marinas and boats should fit your needs well.

LAS Overdrive With Sharespot™ Location Sharing And Tracking System

The LAS Overdrive has a dustproof, waterproof design that makes it perfect for tracking boats with GPS. It has an extremely long battery life that can last up to four weeks while sending position updates even 60 seconds. On “low power mode,” the GPS device can last up to 12 months between charges.

The Overdrive comes with a built-in magnet mount and the option to communicate via satellite or 4G LTE network. No matter where your GPS unit goes, it can find a connection to send you information.

LAS 54 With Sharespot™ Location Sharing And Tracking System

The LAS 54 is a dustproof, waterproof GPS tracker that can tolerate a marina’s wet conditions. An internal magnet makes it easy for you to place the unit in an inconspicuous location, making it difficult for potential thieves to know you can track boats with GPS. You also get a long battery life that makes the LAS 54 simple to manage. The battery can last up to 3 weeks while sending updates every 3 seconds to 3 minutes. A charge can last up to 6 months on “Low Power Mode.”

Contact LAS For More Information

If you aren’t sure which GPS unit suits your marina’s needs best or you want to ask any questions, please visit the LAS Contact Us page to find our phone number and email addresses. We look forward to hearing from you!