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Food Trucks

LandAirSea has your cost competitive, rigorously tested, GPS tracking solution. LandAirSea's unique product offerings are meant to assist you with day-to-day food truck operations and expand you visibility. Activation and installation are simple and the unique dashboards, web based maps, geofencing technology and alert notifications can all be seen from you or your clients' smartphone, tablet and/or desktop.

Website & Social Media Integration Notify your followers via a custom map or social media post when you are nearby.

Food Truck ShareSpot Share your location with hungry customers via a custom website or mobile app.

Theft Recovery & Insurance Protect your assets & reduce your annual insurance premiums.

Reduce Liabilities Full driver transparency with playback functions & speed monitoring.

Location Identification Geofencing, proximity alerts & complete fleet visibility.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Know where your truck(s) are located

- Understand how employees are driving & when they have arrived

- Share the real-time location & scheduled routes of your food trucks via social media or your website

- Analyze historical routes & plan future schedules