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Waste Management

LandAirSea's GPS asset management solutions can help monitor asset deployment of waste trucks, dumpsters or service vehicles. The GPS asset management software can also provide you with historical data that can help with increased accountability and transparency with your clients. In addition to this, the GPS tracking units can cut wasted labor and maximize performance, profitability is impacted the most by the amount of time it takes to service a client's property or location.

Fleet & Asset Management Monitor & analyze vehicle routes. Validate valuable asset location.

Small & Discrete Devices can be easily hidden using built-in magnets or adapter cables.

Improve Customer Experience Improve dispatching procedures. Share the real-time location of a vehicle or shipment.

Reduce Liability Impact detection, driving reports & customizable system alerts.

"Powersaver" Mode Verify asset location daily while taking advantage of a 6-12 month battery life.

LandAirSea's fleet system can help...

- Verify where your employees are really going

- Add a layer of security to the expensive assets you own and manage

- Know when a waste management vehicle is dumping its load at a transfer station or dump

- Make necessary adjustment to your fleet in real-time quickly and cost effectively

- Reduce the cost of insurance on your fleet of vehicles and assets