Every Parent’s Guide to GPS Tracking for Children’s Safety

It has happened to every parent. Something distracts you for just a second, which is somehow long enough for your child to slip away. As soon as you realize your kid isn’t there, you go into a state of panic. Your heart thuds, and your thoughts race.

A GPS tracker for parents gives you a calmer, more effective way to find your children. How you respond, though, might depend on your GPS tracker’s features. If it has features like real-time location updates and historical data, you can find your child easily.

Of course, there are many more ways that GPS trackers can keep family members safer. You just have to choose the right device.

How a GPS Tracker For Parents Can Help Protect Children

LandAirSea’s GPS trackers for parents use an innovative app called SilverCloud. The combination of SilverCloud and reliable GPS devices allows you to track your children’s locations to give you peace of mind. Some of the app’s most useful features include:

  • ShareSpot lets you easily share information with law enforcement and other trusted people.
  • InstaFence sends you an alert when your GPS unit crosses a temporary border, such as around your yard, street, or neighborhood.
  • History that shows you where your children have gone within any period of time.
  • Real-time updates show you where your children are now.

All LAS GPS trackers for parents connect with SilverCloud, so you benefit from these and other features regardless of which model you choose.

Which GPS tracker for parents should you get for your kids? That likely depends on their ages and interests. Let’s look closer at how you can use GPS technology to protect your children.

Parents Of Young Children

Young children who get lost don’t always know how to get the help they need to find their way back home. If they forget your phone number, address, or even your name – who hasn’t encountered a young child who insists a parent’s name is “Mom” or “Dad”? – a kind stranger will struggle to contact you. They might need to get the police involved, which children could find even more upsetting than just being lost.

The LAS 54 makes a great GPS tracker for young children because it has a compact, lightweight design that fits in a pocket or bag. It also has a sturdy exterior that makes it waterproof and dustproof. It doesn’t matter how adventurous your kids are — the 54 can take lots of abuse.

Whether your kid loses track of time or gets dropped off at the wrong bus stop, the LAS 54 will show you where they are and where they’ve been.

Parents Of Preteens

As children get a little older, they will start pushing for more independence. It’s normal for them to explore boundaries, but it can make parents very nervous. Considering that over 350,000 children were reported missing in 2022, you have good reasons to worry.

The LAS Overdrive is a good option for parents of preteens because it has an extended battery life. Depending on how often you want the Overdrive to share its location, the tracker can go weeks or months between charges.

A long-life GPS tracker for parents makes giving preteens a little more independence easier. Let’s say your 12-year-old wants to go on vacation with a friend’s family. You probably feel a bit uneasy about the situation, but you want them to have fun and build close relationships. The Overdrive could offer the confidence you need to let them take advantage of the opportunity. You can always use SilverCloud to find their precise location if something unexpected happens.

Parents Of Teenagers

In some ways, it’s a relief when kids get old enough to drive cars and become more independent. At the same time, their inexperience on the road puts them at risk of car crashes, injuries, and fatalities. You can set some driving rules – no more than two passengers at a time, no speeding, don’t drive late at night, etc. – but you can’t really enforce those rules once they drive away.

The LAS SYNC connects directly to a vehicle’s OBD-II port, so it never needs new batteries or a recharge. The SYNC can do a lot of things to help you promote safe driving. You can set it to send you alerts when your teen:

  • Speeds or drives recklessly
  • Goes too far from home
  • Takes the car without permission

You’ll still worry, but you will get some relief when GPS trackers for parents keep an eye on teen drivers when you can’t be there.

Parents Of Young Adults

You never stop being a parent, even after your kids grow up and leave home. Keep your young adult children safe as they go to college or get their first jobs.

Any LAS GPS tracker for parents can work well in this context. You might give them a LAS SYNC to prevent automotive theft. With your adult child’s permission, you can use the tracker to keep tabs on where they go.

If your children decide to attend college, consider giving them a LAS 54 to protect their belongings. The 54 is small enough to fit in a computer bag or backpack. On-campus thefts have fallen in recent years, but it still makes sense to invest in a GPS tracker that lowers your child’s risk of becoming a victim. If someone steals a high-value item, your student can use ShareSpot to share tracking information with law enforcement. In the long run, avoiding the cost of replacing a computer, television, or other device will save everyone money.

Find The Right GPS Tracker For Your Family

LAS makes a range of GPS trackers for parents to fit every family’s needs. You can learn more about the benefits of owning LAS GPS units by reading each one’s description. If you still have questions, please send an email to [email protected]. Ian can help you compare devices and data plans to select the right option for your family.