GPS Location Tracking for Sustainable Shipping and Transportation

Shipments of U.S. goods will grow 23.5% by 2025 and 45% by 2040, increasing emissions and air pollution. It’s no wonder, then, that responsible companies like yours are investing in more sustainable shipping and transportation processes to reduce environmental harm. GPS location trackers, like the products made by LandAirSea (LAS), can improve sustainability in multiple ways, such as enhancing fuel efficiency and improving driver performance. Learn more below.

What Is GPS For Shipping And Transportation?

GPS location trackers are small and discreet devices that attach to cargo, containers, vehicles, and other assets with magnets or cables. These devices receive signals from satellites orbiting the planet and pinpoint the exact location of any item attached to them, increasing visibility for companies that ship products to different destinations.

LAS products send location data from satellites to the SilverCloud app, allowing you to view the whereabouts of shipments from your smartphone or tablet. That means you can track your products as they move from one location to the next. If something is stolen or goes missing, you’ll be able to see where that item is on a real-time map.

GPS doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or cellular signal, so you can monitor your shipments wherever they are in the world. Whether you transport items by road, rail, air, or sea, you will always know where they are.

How GPS Location Trackers Can Improve Sustainability

GPS trackers can enhance sustainability by improving route management and encouraging environmentally friendly driving behaviors. Learn more below.

Route Management

GPS for shipping trackers lets you plan the fastest route for your freight, reducing the amount of fuel you use. For example, you can find the best way to deliver cargo without getting caught up in road traffic, which can increase gas usage and damage the environment. If you use a third-party company to dispatch your products, you can learn whether they take the most energy-efficient routes by attaching GPS trackers to your freight.

LAS devices make route management easy. You can view real-time maps that tell you the quickest way to get to a destination and even save your favorite locations for future reference. Just open the SilverCloud app and mark important places so you can find them again.

Driver Behavior

Attaching a GPS location tracker to a vehicle allows you to monitor employees who ship products to different destinations. For instance, you can learn how long it takes for a driver to get to a location, what roads they take, and whether they make any stops. If an employee takes too much time to reach a destination, thereby increasing fuel usage, you can provide them with additional training.

GPS devices can also measure the speed at which drivers travel when delivering goods. Research shows that driving at higher speeds increases fuel consumption and the amount of pollution a vehicle releases into the atmosphere. LAS products can send your employees mobile notifications when they travel too fast, encouraging them to slow down. Not only will that reduce gas usage, but it will protect them from having an accident on the road.

Reduce The Need For Another Vehicle

GPS location trackers won’t prevent someone from stealing one of your delivery vehicles. However, these technologies can help you relocate a stolen car, truck, or other asset. By creating a virtual parameter, or geofence, around a real-world area in your business, such as a warehouse, you can receive notifications on your smart device when a vehicle leaves that area. If a thief has taken an item, you can track its whereabouts and try to recover it. That prevents you from having to order a replacement, which saves you money and keeps one more vehicle off the road and from damaging the environment.

LandAirSea GPS devices, which offer a great deal of GPS accuracy, make it even easier to relocate a stolen vehicle. You can share location data with law enforcement via the company’s ShareSpot feature. With this information, the cops might be able to find your asset and catch the person who took it. You can also send historical GPS data to your insurance company and prove someone stole a vehicle from your premises.

How LAS Encourages Sustainable Shipping And Transportation

LAS has pioneered GPS technology since the 1990s and works with industries such as local government, law enforcement, construction, and transportation and logistics. The company has various products that improve shipping and transportation processes and make them more sustainable:

  • LandAirSea 54 is a waterproof and dustproof GPS tracker that attaches to cargo, vehicles, and other assets with magnets or cables. It generates speed alerts that encourage more environmentally friendly driving practices and syncs with the SilverCloud app for more sustainable route management. Other features include geofencing, arrival and departure notifications, and a dark mode.
  • LandAirSea SYNC plus directly into a vehicle OBD II port, meaning it doesn’t require any batteries. That can improve your environmental credentials, as well as save you money in the long run. Other features include battery alerts and speed alerts.
  • LandAirSea Overdrive has a battery that lasts up to four times longer than the one in LandAirSea 54, which can benefit the environment. Batteries with longer lifespans reduce production costs and minimize waste. Other features include speed alerts, geofencing, and InstaFence.

Enhance Sustainability With GPS Location Tracking

Using GPS trackers when shipping goods can improve route management and driver behavior as well as help you recover a vehicle, reducing the need for a gas-guzzling replacement. All these benefits can help you do your bit for the environment and make your supply chains more sustainable.

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