How Your Dealership Can Harness the Power of a Real-Time GPS Tracker in 2024

The number of car owners in the United States wanting to purchase a new vehicle rose by 3% in 2023, with car-buying intent higher than the global average. Forward-thinking dealerships can capitalize on this increase in demand by investing in real-time GPS tracker products that streamline day-to-day operations. That allows them to focus on what they do best: sell vehicles. Here are some recent dealership trends and how GPS tracking can help auto businesses this year and next.

Vehicle Theft Is A Problem, But A GPS Tracker For Dealerships Can Help

Dealerships across the country will continue to be a target for thieves throughout 2023 and 2024, especially if they contain lots of valuable inventory. A couple of months ago, a group of individuals broke into a showroom in Syracuse, New York, and drove several cars through the front door, resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Unfortunately, this case isn’t an isolated one. Whether you sell new or used cars in your dealership, your assets are always at risk.

One of the best ways to prevent theft from your showroom is to attach real-time GPS tracker devices, like those made by LandAirSea (LAS), to your fleet. Once connected to a glovebox, rear bumper, or another area of a car, GPS trackers sync real-time location information to your smartphone or tablet, so you always know the whereabouts of a particular asset. If someone steals a car, you’ll be the first to learn about it.

LAS goes one step further in theft protection with a feature called geofencing. By creating a virtual parameter around your showroom, you can receive notifications on your mobile device when a car leaves that area, which probably means someone has stolen it from your building. You can then share this location data with law enforcement, which can try to recover a stolen item.

GPS Can Maximize Labor Resources During The Current Economy

In the current economic landscape, dealership owners need to get more value from their employees and ensure they don’t waste money. One benefit of GPS trackers for forward-thinking dealerships is the ability to track team members who drive your vehicles. You can track an employee who delivers a car to a customer and find out how long their journey takes and whether they stop along the way. If that employee takes too long to bring a vehicle to a buyer, they could be costing you extra money in gas, impacting your bottom line.

LAS products sync location data to the SilverCloud app, allowing you to view insights about employees on your smart device. You can also access historical data to see how long team members take to get to a destination, such as another showroom, in one of your vehicles. This information might be useful when conducting performance reviews.

GPS Can Prevent Speeding

Speeding fatalities have risen in the past few years, according to the latest statistics. Thankfully, real-time GPS tracker devices not only provide location insights but can also save lives. These compact and discreet devices monitor driver behavior and send mobile notifications when a motorist exceeds a particular speeding limit, reminding them to slow down. That can be practical when your employees deliver vehicles to a customer’s home or another showroom.

A GPS tracker for dealerships from LAS constantly monitors driving speeds, no matter who is behind the wheel. For example, you can find out if a customer travels too fast when taking one of your cars for a test drive. In this situation, you can call the employee accompanying them in the vehicle about the speed alert. That can prevent the customer from having an accident.

GPS trackers receive signals from satellites, meaning you don’t need Wi-Fi or a cellular signal to improve driver safety. You get 100% coverage even if someone is driving in a rural area.

Find Vehicles Quickly As Your Inventory Grows

With more vehicles available in 2023 than ever before, most dealerships have large and often unorganized inventories. GPS trackers can help you keep track of your entire fleet and find specific items fast.

Say a customer asks for a particular make and model of a car. If a real-time GPS tracker is attached to that vehicle, you can find its location on your site and show it to the potential buyer. That can speed up waiting times and improve the customer experience.

LAS devices optimize inventory management further with a feature called ShareSpot. It lets you find a vehicle and share its location on a real-world map with anyone you like via your smartphone or tablet. For instance, you can send directions to a particular car on your lot to a sales rep.

How LAS Improves GPS Tracking For Dealerships

LAS specializes in surveillance technology and provides services for industries such as law enforcement, local government, and the military. The company’s GPS trackers help you streamline tasks in your showroom and improve operations for the rest of 2023 and 2024. For example, the LandAirSea 54 is a waterproof and dustproof device that you can attach to various areas of a vehicle with the provided magnets and cables. Use it to determine the real-time location of your most expensive assets.

Benefits of LAS devices include simple setup and activation. You can access a wide range of resources online that help you get more value from your GPS trackers. LAS also provides world-class customer service and simple subscription options, with products up to 80% cheaper than others on the market.

Leveraging Real-Time GPS Tracker Products In Your Dealership In 2023 and 2024

Using GPS trackers in your showroom can improve theft protection, driver safety, employee monitoring, and inventory management this year and next. With more consumers wanting to purchase vehicles, forward-thinking dealerships can optimize operations and focus on selling cars.

Check out LAS’ surveillance units for car dealerships or email [email protected] to learn more about real-time GPS tracker products.