Improving Customer Experience in Dealerships With Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

New car prices are starting to fall, making them more affordable for the average consumer. Still, many consumers believe prices remain at historic highs. When they decide to buy new cars, they often dread the experience.

Adding innovative real-time GPS tracking technology to your dealership could put customers at ease. It could also improve your business efficiency and help you find new revenue sources. With a small investment, your dealerships could reap big rewards.

Maintain An Accurate Inventory Of Your Vehicles

It’s easy to lose track of what vehicles your dealership has for sale. Maybe someone in the repair shop parks a car in the wrong spot. Perhaps a salesperson doesn’t say anything when a customer parks in the wrong location because they want to focus on building a positive relationship that leads to a sale. The problem becomes even more challenging when you use multiple lots and storage facilities.

However it happens, vehicles can go missing for short periods.

Real-time GPS tracking eliminates this concern by showing you exactly where every vehicle is. As long as the vehicle has a LandAirSea tracking device connected to it, you can find its location on a computer or mobile device. Just open the SilverCloud app and select the car you want to find. Innovative features like this help ensure accurate inventories at all times.

Improve Efficiency And Professionalism

Knowing where each vehicle is also improves your dealership’s efficiency and professionalism.

Since real-time GPS trackers show you where the vehicle is right now, salespeople can immediately retrieve the car that a customer wants to test drive. With accurate location data, no one has to wander the lot looking for the right car.

Now, assume the customers are walking the lot with your salesperson. It looks much more professional to walk directly to the vehicle. It helps establish the employee’s expertise. If customers have to follow an employee to multiple cars before they find the correct one, it makes your business look unprofessional. Potential buyers might start wondering what other mistakes they can expect.

The improved efficiency and professionalism also affect your dealership’s service garage. Connecting a GPS tracker to a car when it comes to the shop helps employees find the car when they’re ready to work on it. Since each vehicle has a specific GPS device, you also lower the risk that someone will perform the wrong services on a car.

When you invest in GPS, your dealership streamlines workflows and avoids expensive mistakes that eat into your bottom line and damage your reputation with customers.

Give Online Shoppers A Full List Of Your Vehicles With Real-Time GPS Tracking

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to try more online shopping. It changed how consumers shop so much that many people now prefer buying cars online instead of visiting a dealership in person. More importantly, industry researchers expect online buying to account for 18% of car sales by 2025. If you don’t keep up with that trend, you will likely lose some sales to dealerships eager to move more services online.

Online car shopping only works when dealerships provide all the information consumers need. That starts with giving them a real-time list of the vehicles on your lot. As you sell cars, they get removed from the list. When more vehicles arrive, you add them. Ideally, the list will show online shoppers precisely what they can buy.

Real-time GPS tracking helps dealerships maintain accurate lists by letting the website manager see where every car is on the lot. Since you get real-time GPS tracking, the list can be updated frequently so shoppers don’t try to order already-sold cars.

Start Offering Vehicle Delivery Services

Many consumers find the car-buying experience difficult because they can’t drive to the dealership to pick up their new vehicles. They either have to pay for a service to drive them or ask a friend. Either way, it’s less than ideal.

Adding delivery to your dealership’s menu of services eliminates this challenge. However, it raises other concerns that you need to solve. Again, real-time GPS tracking can help.

Did you know that 90% of consumers want to track deliveries? Some of them say they would switch retailers to get timely delivery updates. If people feel that way about everyday orders, imagine how they must feel about vehicles that cost thousands of dollars!

With real-time GPS tracking, you can inform owners by email or texting them when their car leaves the dealership. For example, you might send a text that says, “Your new car is on the way! Expect it to arrive in 30 minutes.” This gives buyers peace of mind and lets them prepare for the vehicle’s arrival.

Find the Right Real-Time GPS Tracking Device For Your Dealership

The LandAirSea SYNC stands out as an excellent GPS tracker for dealerships. Since it plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, you never need to recharge its battery. Still, plenty of automotive dealerships like using the LandAirSea 54 and Overdrive. They’re especially useful if you want to hide your GPS units and improve theft recovery efforts.

If you want to learn more about the real-time GPS tracking devices that dealerships often choose, please email [email protected] for assistance.