Save on Spring Fleet Maintenance With GPS Tracking

Many companies find that spring is a great time of year for fleet maintenance. The holiday rush is over, so it’s easier to pull some of your vehicles off the road. Spring also gives you a good time to switch from winter to summer tires, make small repairs, and replace aging fluids.

While fleet maintenance offers plenty of benefits, companies often find it difficult to manage the process efficiently. Adding GPS tracking, however, can help you save on spring fleet maintenance so you conserve money and extend your vehicles’ lifespans.

Manage Your Fleet’s Vehicles During Maintenance

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 vehicles in your fleet, you need to track each one as it receives maintenance. One benefit of GPS tracking is that you always know which services each vehicle has gotten.

Let’s say a technician inspects Delivery Vehicle A and determines it needs a new serpentine belt in addition to basic maintenance. That person might change the oil, replace the air filter, and rotate the tires. Someone else, however, will need to replace the old belt. The technician, therefore, moves Delivery Vehicle A out of the service station and parks it on a lot.

GPS tracking benefits this situation by helping the next technician identify which vehicle to work on. By installing a GPS tracker in the delivery vehicle, the person can use software like Synchronize to see precisely where Delivery Vehicle A is parked. This leaves very little room for error, so your team can manage every vehicle even when facing complex maintenance schedules. You practically eliminate human error to ensure every vehicle gets the maintenance services they need as efficiently as possible.

Identify Critical Services To Save On Fleet Maintenance

As the cold winter months transition to the hot summer months, companies need to inspect vehicle cooling systems to avoid unexpected malfunctions. It’s a good time to inspect hoses, clamps, and belts before the cooling system starts working harder.

While there are some systems you should also check during spring fleet maintenance, some of your vehicles will likely need extra attention. GPS tracking helps identify which vehicles deserve more time. For example, if you’ve incorporated more delivery services into your business model, your vehicles probably experience a lot of stop-and-go traffic that can strain the braking system. It isn’t immediately obvious which of your vehicles spend more time on surface streets instead of interstates. GPS trackers benefit your maintenance crew by giving them insight into which vehicles might have experienced more stress during the preceding months. That way, they know to devote extra time to fleet vehicles that need it.

Financial Savings Can Extend Long After Spring

Scheduling fleet maintenance for spring should help your business save money throughout the year, especially since gas prices tend to peak during summer.

GPS trackers give you even more opportunities to save money on fuel. LandAirSea’s Synchronize app lets you access detailed information about each vehicle in your fleet. You can compare the number of miles a vehicle drives before it needs a new tank of gasoline. If one of the vehicle’s starts burning fuel inefficiently, set it aside for additional maintenance. Something as simple as inflating the tires or changing the oil could improve efficiency and reduce the money you spend fueling vehicles.

Find The Optimal Time To Replace Vehicles In Your Fleet

Eventually, you will want to replace a vehicle with a newer model. Again, GPS tracking benefits your fleet by giving you insight into the vehicle’s performance so you can determine the optimal time for replacement. You can get additional help from a calculator that uses vehicle age, fuel costs, service costs, and other variables to pinpoint when to sell the vehicle and invest in a new one.

Get The Right GPS Tracker For Your Fleet’s Vehicles

LandAirSea makes three GPS trackers that could help you save on fleet maintenance. The SYNC is our top choice for fleets, though, because it plugs directly into a vehicle’s OBD-II port. That means you never need to worry about recharging the SYNC’s battery. As long as it’s connected to a vehicle, it can communicate its real-time location.

The LandAirSea SYNC will also benefit your company throughout the year. Depending on your specific needs, you can use the Synchronize or SilverCloud app to:

  • Find more efficient routes to use less fuel and improve customer services.
  • Monitor traffic to avoid delays.
  • Track drivers to make sure they follow safe practices on the road.
  • Access historical data that shows whether employees take unauthorized breaks.
  • Send notifications to customers so they know when a delivery will arrive.
  • Receive alerts when someone takes a vehicle off your lot without authorization.

We want to ensure you choose the right GPS tracker for your business. If you have any questions about LandAirSea GPS trackers, software, or data plans, send a message to [email protected]. We’ll respond as soon as possible to help you pick options that match your fleet maintenance and management needs.