Transition Into The New Year With Peace of Mind: LandAirSea’s 54 GPS Tracker

What goals have you set for yourself in the new year? Do you want to lower your stress levels with activities like meditation and exercise? Now is a great time to add the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker to your list of ways to reduce stress. Our most compact, lightweight tracker can help provide peace of mind.

Keep Tabs On Your Loved Ones

You want your loved ones to stay as safe as possible while they enjoy fun, independent lives. The LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker lets you find a balanced approach that gives them freedom while letting you keep tabs on where they go.

 GPS For Children

If you have children, you can use a LandAirSea GPS tracker to:

  • Receive alerts when they venture into unsafe areas or places you simply don’t want them to visit.
  • Monitor young drivers to make sure they follow safety rules.
  • Stay connected to children of all ages when they travel without you.

Get the LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker so you don’t feel a sense of dread all the time. It gives you access to reassuring, accurate data about where your children go, so you can simply pull out your mobile device whenever you start to worry.

A GPS tracker is also handy if your child goes missing. While It’s obviously not something anyone wants to think about,  nearly half a million children go missing each year in the United States. Having your child carry a GPS unit from LandAirSea means you can see their location in real time using the SilverCloud app.

SilverCloud’s ShareSpot feature lets you give anyone limited access to your account, so you can share information with law enforcement to help them find your child as quickly and safely as possible.

 GPS For Adult Family Members

Once you own a LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker, you will find countless opportunities to use it.

Let’s say a family member loves to go hiking. For the most part, hiking is a safe, healthy way to get some exercise and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, it can create opportunities for people to get hurt or lost. Rangers at Yosemite National Park respond to about 250 emergencies every year. Chances are low that someone you love will get injured or lost while hiking. If something does happen, though, you want a way to find them as quickly as possible. The more time they spend in the wild, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

 GPS For Elderly Family Members

Give GPS trackers to your elderly family members to improve everyone’s peace of mind. With the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker, children and grandchildren can always check in on their elders. If you can’t get hold of an older parent, use the SilverCloud app to make sure they’re in a safe location.

GPS units can also give grandparents and great-grandparents peace of mind. Attaching GPS trackers to valuable assets helps prevent theft. If a criminal manages to steal something, ShareSpot makes it much easier for law enforcement to find the thief and recover the asset.

 Protect Your Valuables With A LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

GPS trackers give you an affordable way to protect your valuables. That can include anything from your kid’s laptop to the car you park on the street.

Vehicle theft has become a growing concern over the last few years as numbers rebounded after reported vehicle thefts fell dramatically from 1990 to 2014. That trend changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. About 500,000 vehicles were reported stolen during the first half of 2023. If that trend continued – the data won’t be available until later in 2024 – 2023 could have had the highest number of stolen vehicles of any year on record.

Given the drastic increase in vehicle theft, it makes sense for everyone to improve their security with a device like the LandAirSea 54 GPS tracker. Its compact size makes it easy to hide in a vehicle, so thieves never know you can monitor them. The SilverCloud app also lets you remotely turn off the unit’s light for additional stealth.

Why Choose The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker?

LandAirSea currently makes three GPS trackers, but the LAS 54 stands out as a top option for consumers who want peace of mind. Many people choose the 54 model because it:

  • Has the most compact, lightweight design of all LAS trackers, making it easy to carry and hide.
  • Uses a strong, internal magnet to attach to most metallic surfaces.
  • Has a durable exterior that’s dustproof and waterproof.
  • Can communicate its location for days or weeks without running out of power.
  • Gives them access to all of the SilverCloud features that make LAS devices so powerful.

If you want an even longer battery life and don’t mind a slightly larger size, you might prefer the LAS Overdrive.

LandAirSea wants to ensure you choose the right GPS tracker for your family’s peace of mind. Feel free to send a message to [email protected] for more information about our devices and data plans.