Using The Power Of GPS Tracking Devices For Commercial Trucks

If your organization delivers goods, moves materials, or collects items from customers, you most likely use vans and trucks as your primary transportation methods. Tracking these trucks is vital for preventing theft, recovering stolen vehicles and goods, and protecting your assets.

However, there are plenty of other great reasons to invest in GPS tracking devices for commercial trucks. LandAirSea devices can help you cut costs, improve efficiencies, and even promote health and safety across your workforce.

Improve Employee Safety

Drivers who haul goods for long periods of time need to take mandatory rest breaks. GPS tracking devices for commercial trucks empower fleet managers to see a detailed record of exactly how long a driver has been on the road. This opens up opportunities to have conversations about safety, following guidelines and regulations, and in extreme cases, considering disciplinary action. It also promotes awareness of health and safety, allowing managers to reward or praise drivers who consistently stick to company rules and state/national laws.

Monitor Routes Taken

Understanding driver behavior is about more than ensuring employees are safe and rested. It’s about monitoring the routes they take and ensuring that goods are delivered or picked up on time. This is especially important for time-sensitive deliveries, such as expedited services or perishable goods

Monitoring the routes drivers take also helps you understand which routes are quickest. Then, you can adjust plans accordingly.

Keep Effective Maintenance Schedules

Most vehicles should undergo servicing after driving a certain distance. GPS trackers for trucks help managers record and view data on distance driven and plan maintenance accordingly. There’s no need to manually check every truck’s odometer when it comes back to the depot or premises. Simply use the historical data feature on your trackers and input it into your own internal systems.

Better maintenance schedules extend the life of expensive fleet vehicles and avoid the potentially high cost of extensive repairs due to unnecessary wear and tear.

Reduce Costs

All the above points help reduce overheads for any organization involved in haulage or employing commercial trucks of any kind. Fuel consumption is another primary factor that impacts haulage company budgets. Recent reports indicate that overall fleet costs have risen 21.3%, with diesel and gasoline major contributors to that hike.

GPS tracking devices for commercial trucks help give a clearer image of how much fuel each truck should be consuming and allow managers to investigate higher-than-expected fuel usage. The ability to review and re-plan routes can also help with fuel management, including such granular details as planning refill stops at the least expensive gas stations.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

When you know precisely where your drivers are, you can give customers much narrower and more accurate ETAs. For example, you might be able to offer a one-hour delivery or pick-up window rather than simply am or pm. With labor shortages still a major issue for couriers and haulage firms, any tool that increases the reliability and efficiency of drivers could become an invaluable resource.

You can also cross reference the GPS information with real-time traffic data, and quickly alert drivers to incidents that could cause delays. This allows them to reroute and gives them a much higher chance of delivering as promised. GPS trackers for commercial trucks and other fleet vehicles are key in driving customer satisfaction.

Using LAS GPS Tracking Devices For Commercial Trucks

LandAirSea (LAS) produces high-quality GPS tracking devices for numerous industries, including haulage and couriers. As an experienced provider of accurate tracking technology, we understand the need to drive the efficiency of workflows and ensure customers receive the service they’ve paid for and come to expect.

The LandAirSea Sync is our GPS tracker that connects directly with a vehicle’s OBD II port, meaning there’s no battery to charge and no wires to deal with. ShareSpot allows users to instantly share their location with colleagues, while the device stores 100% of historical data to make reports on driver activity more meaningful and actionable.

This device doesn’t interact or interfere with the truck’s own onboard electronics. It simply draws a tiny amount of power and uses this to provide consistent tracking. Fleet managers can set up speeding alerts, download historical reports, or see the device location on their preferred maps application. There’s also the option to utilize geofencing. Set an area that you require your vehicles to operate in, and instantly get an alert if a truck leaves this area.

You also have the option of the LandAirSea 54 or Overdrive. These GPS tracking devices have the same tracking and geofencing abilities as the Sync but utilize a strong magnet so you can attach them to appropriate metal surfaces. You recharge the battery between uses or purchase a cable kit to connect your tracker to an external power source for uninterrupted tracking.

These trackers can be connected to containers with sensitive materials inside to protect individual assets. They’re also ideal for tracking goods that need to be moved from one vehicle to another during the delivery process.

LAS is a pioneer in manufacturing and developing real-time and historical GPS tracking devices. Our technology is trusted by businesses all across the nation, so contact us by phone or email, or send a message directly to [email protected].