Solutions for All 

LandAirSea provides innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of business and personal use.


Commercial and Individual Solutions

There is no shortage of creative ways LandAirSea products are used by businesses and individuals to create security and peace of mind no matter how small or large the asset.

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24/7/365 Peace of Mind

The Data You Need at Your Fingertips

Whether you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, employees on the field, or customer-rented equipment, you need to have eyes on your company assets.

Track Mileage & Routes

Know where your vehicles are on the road at all times and track the most profitable routes.

Prevent Loss, Theft, or Misuse

Gain an extra layer of protection for your assets. With LandAirSea, Theft is Temporary™.

Make Decisions from Data Trends

Use historical data to help you make informed decisions to optimize your assets.

Many Companies Rely on Tracking Devices

You need a tracking device that works instead of constantly worrying your valuables are at risk of theft, loss, or misuse.

With real-time location information, you can track travel details, plan routes, and improve your systems from the palm of your hand.

We understand that the location of what matter’s most to you is crucial information.

That’s why over 500,000 customers in more than 95 countries depend on their LandAirSea GPS devices with the SilverCloud Cellular Data membership.

The LandAirSea 54 has been perfected from over 20 years of development and we are proud to say when you install our products, Theft is Temporary™.

Each aspect of our devices has been honed to perfection over 20 years. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are using the most powerful and trusted tracking solution available today.

24/7/365 Peace of Mind

Keep Eyes on What Matters

When theft or loss is possible, you need reliable, real-time location information available at your fingertips.

Order LandAirSea Device

With magnetic and waterproof options, our device goes wherever you need it to go.

Place The Device

The self-contained, portable design means you can place your device within minutes after opening the box.

Start Tracking Immediately

Activate your International, Unlimited Data plan like you would a cellular device to start tracking immediately!

Loss is happening

Loss happens daily for companies with assets on the roads and employees in the field. Whether it’s a fleet of shipping vehicles or your service-based employees, keeping track of what matters most to your company prevents loss, theft, or misuse. Adding a LandAirSea device will give you the data you need to stop loss from happening.