Track Sports Equipment With GPS

Whether you’re an athlete, parent, or coach, keeping track of your sports equipment can be challenging. This is especially true for large teams with several players. If something were to become lost or stolen, this could lead to frustrated athletes, lost money, and safety concerns.

One solution lies with GPS technology. By using GPS trackers for sports equipment, you can always stay in the know about the location of these goods. Whether these items are lost or stolen, GPS systems can help you track them down, saving you lots of potential worry and stress.

Benefits Of Using GPS Trackers For Sports Equipment

Wondering how a GPS device could help with your sports gear?

Take a look at these common uses and benefits:

Retrieve Lost Goods

If you’re an athlete, parent, or coach, you understand how much equipment is involved in sports. This is especially true in sports involving various types of gear, such as hockey or football. With all of this equipment to manage, misplacing these items is far too common. By using a GPS tracker, you can always know the location of your goods. This provides peace of mind when you need it most!

Locate Stolen Equipment

Aside from losing your equipment, someone can also steal these items. With the rising cost of sporting goods these days, theft does happen. This is especially relevant for high-priced items like golf clubs, baseball/softball bats, and ski gear. If someone steals one or more of these items, stress can set in quickly. A GPS tracker allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your stolen goods, which can help authorities track down the thief to retrieve your equipment.

Track Your Shipments

Do you ever ship your golf clubs or other sporting equipment? If so, you could benefit from GPS technology. While you can usually trust shipping carriers, sometimes packages are lost or stolen. Including a GPS tracker with your shipment allows you to always know your equipment’s location. This can help the carrier find a missing package, or you can simply learn when your gear will arrive for the big game.

Ways To Use GPS Trackers For Sports Equipment

Below you’ll learn about the different ways you can track sporting goods with GPS:

Place A Tracker In Your Golf Bag

Golf clubs are among the most expensive types of sporting equipment out there. That said, it’s important to keep your investment safe with GPS technology. Throw a GPS tracker inside your bag for around-the-clock tracking. Consider using a discreet location for your device to limit the chance of a thief finding it.

Attach A Tracker To Your Ski Or Snowboard Gear

Skiers and snowboarders can also benefit from GPS trackers. Like golf equipment, this gear can also be pricey. Protect it today by placing a tracker in your ski bag, or attach it directly to your equipment using a strong adhesive. Not only can this technology help you find lost or stolen goods, but it also enables you to locate your friends or family while on the slopes.

Add A GPS Device To Your Baseball Bag

With the high costs of baseball and softball equipment, this is another area that can reap benefits from GPS tracking technology. Add a tracker to a discreet pocket to always know the location of your goods. Many athletes choose to place a GPS tracker inside their equipment bag before flying.

Other Considerations:

  1. Use it for your hockey equipment.
  2. Place one in your football bag.
  3. Place a tracker on your bike.
  4. Attach one to your kayak or paddleboard.
  5. Use trackers for your team equipment bags.
  6. Attach one to your jet ski.
  7. Add a tracker to your golf cart.

As you can see, there are multiple uses of GPS trackers for sports equipment. This technology can even notify you if your equipment moves out of a certain range.

What Types Of Sports Equipment Can You Track?

GPS trackers can be used for a wide variety of sporting equipment. In fact, by throwing a tracker inside your equipment bag, you can track just about anything. However, while trackers can always be placed inside a bag, sometimes they can attach directly to the equipment itself. For example, GPS trackers can be attached to a ski, snowboard, dirt bike, jet ski, helmet, football pads, and much more. The downside of this is that the tracker could fall off, or a thief could remove it. That said, we recommend placing your tracker in a location inside your equipment bag that’s not very obvious.

Who Benefits From GPS Trackers For Sports Equipment?

GPS tracking technology is best suited for these individuals:


Nothing is worse than losing your favorite baseball bat or having your golf clubs stolen. Something like this can impact your well-being and even decrease your performance on the field. By using GPS trackers for sports equipment, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected. This extra level of security can limit stress, helping you play at your best!


As parents are typically the ones paying for this expensive sports equipment, they may also deal with stress and anxiety if this gear is lost or stolen. By investing in an affordable GPS tracker, parents can save thousands of dollars. Furthermore, they can experience greater peace of mind knowing this equipment is being tracked.


Coaches may also feel anxious about the team’s gear getting lost or stolen. If this does happen, trying to fix the problem can be incredibly stressful. Not only will you have frustrated players and parents, but you’ll also have to figure out what to do next. Using a GPS tracker takes away all the worry! All you have to do is pull out your smartphone to locate the lost goods in seconds.

Equipment Managers

GPS systems can make a world of difference for equipment managers. As these professionals are in charge of managing a lot of equipment, this can be a stressful position. If one bag goes missing, it could heavily impact the team, and you could even lose your job. Attach GPS trackers to all of your equipment bags to always know their location! These tiny devices could save you from a disastrous situation.

Schools & Universities

When sports equipment is lost or stolen, this can cost a school or university tons of money. Furthermore, you could then have safety concerns if these goods were stolen. By keeping tabs on school sporting equipment, these organizations can save money and better protect their investments.

LandAirSea GPS Trackers For Sports Equipment

If you’re searching for reliable, high-quality GPS trackers for sports equipment, LandAirSea (LAS) is here to help. We use state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology to keep your assets safe and provide peace of mind.

Take a look at our incredible product offerings below:

LAS 54 GPS Tracking System

The LAS 54 GPS Tracker is a popular device that provides real-time GPS tracking in the palm of your hand. If you’re looking for dependable GPS trackers for sports equipment, this system could be the answer. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and even comes with a powerful magnet. This lets you easily attach the device to a magnetic surface for a firm hold. Another perk of the LAS 54 Tracker involves its small size. With a diameter of 2.275 inches and a height of 0.945 inches, the tracker fits almost anywhere!

Take a look at even more benefits of the LAS 54 GPS Tracker below:

  1. Long battery life
  2. Easy to use
  3. 3-second to 3-minute updates available
  4. Syncs with a smartphone app
  5. Ability to receive text and email updates
  6. Uses 4G LTE and satellite technology

Contact LandAirSea today to learn more advantages of the LAS 54 Tracking System!

LandAirSea SYNC GPS Tracker

While the LAS 54 can fit inside your sports bag or be attached directly to your equipment, the LAS SYNC Tracker is only intended for vehicles. It plugs directly into the OBD-II port on your car, allowing you to always know its location. This can be useful in team vehicles or vans that you may use to transport a lot of equipment.

LAS Overdrive GPS Tracking System

Our last GPS tracker on the list is our most impressive. It comes in a compact size, but it’s a little larger than the LAS 54. It has a diameter of 2.8 inches and a height of 1 inch. The reason for this size difference is the extended battery, which lasts 3–4 longer than the battery offered on the LAS 54 Tracker. The LAS Overdrive GPS device features historical playbacks, real-time tracking, location-sharing capabilities, and affordable monthly subscription costs!

To learn more about our exceptional GPS trackers for sports equipment, shoot us an email today at [email protected].